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Total & Modern Relaxation-Audubon, Iowa Style: Blue Grass Inn & Suites

*A return trip to Audubon County brought us back to some of the same towns and sites we have come to love. It also brought us to a hotel experience that wasn’t quite open when we showed up a few years ago. Audubon has the rooms and suites for countless travelers and we were very happy to check-in and check it out. Our stay here was complimentary and the views expressed are always of our own. Let’s see what’s inside Blue Grass Inn & Suites!

Right off of HWY 71, this hotel is giving road warriors, travelers, tourists, and family gatherings a modern and lovely place to stay. And it’s only a few minutes away from so much in Audubon! 2073 US-71 (712)-563-2126

Audubon, IA: Audubon County

We have been to hundreds of small towns throughout Iowa while staying overnight in many of them. We know how important lodging is to any size city, and these newer and state of the art hotels popping up in rural Iowa are as relevant as ever. Blue Grass Inn & Suites gives everyone a reason to stay a little more local when visiting the Audubon area. Class reunions, weddings, parties, and events of all sorts will get people in town to enjoy the community just that much longer. Then there’s the people we met while staying in Audubon: two families from Algona, Iowa enjoying themselves like anyone would at this engaging hotel. Why were they in town? No events were going on. Seeing old friends and family? Shindig in a machine shed with a live band somewhere? Nope! They drove almost three hours to just be here at the Blue Grass Inn & Suites!

One of the major reasons that families love staying at the Blue Grass Inn & Suites.

A beautiful indoor pool with plenty of natural sunlight shines into what will be your family’s most utilized perk of this hotel. It’s a larger than usual pool when it comes to the indoor type than I’m used to seeing, which makes it much more enjoyable. It has plenty of furniture on the surrounding patio and a hot tub ready for a good long soak. This all sounds very nice but don’t forget about those wonderful rooms you’re going to be checking in to! We had a long and eventful day on The T-Bone Trail-Western Iowa and we needed some R&R…….

Blue Grass Inn & Suites offers different styles of rooms that fit a lot of preferences. Great furniture, spacious beds, and a feeling of being in an atmosphere that you’d want to stay in for days.
How many innings are you willing to stay for while visiting Audubon? We would have made it long homestand if we could have.
Want a little extra space? Suites are in the Blue Grass name! Watch a movie on the couch while someone watches another show in the bedroom. I know! Two different games and switch with every commercial break….I’ve always wanted to do that!

That’s right, folks! Plenty of ways to stay in and do it in style here in Audubon, Iowa. The rooms all have their own personality and are designed for all sorts of personalities trekking to the area. There’s a huge amount of comfort awaiting all of us in all of those rooms!

Blue Grass Inn & Suites has the amenities, decor, and exercise equipment that so many travelers want. Plenty of ways to coffee-up, get a workout, host a party, and lounge outside of your room.
Now that’s reading material! Blue Grass Inn & Suites is on the same grounds of the Waspy’s Truck Stop that has been rated as one of the best in the state. Connected to that is the Feed Mill Restaurant with a full bar. The City of Audubon has some great options for restaurants- but if you wanted to stay close to your room and eat a yummy meal, have drinks, or just load up on snacks, you can. Just a short jaunt from the main entrance of the Blue Grass! Who wants to mix all the flavors of pop from the fountain with me?
And if you want your traditional complimentary breakfast in the morning, you can have it here at the Blue Grass too. Look! More coffee options!

From what I can see in our travels, the small-town getaway is gaining steam in 2021. Folks are seeing how they can travel to rural locales and have a very fun and memorable time once they get there. Modern hotels are just the starting point, and Audubon County sits right in the middle of so many ways to travel. Get to know this area like we have and you’ll see why it would be a good choice to book your room here. Scenic byways, some of America’s best roadside attractions, annual events like Operation T-Bone, award winning pork tenderloin sandwich, juicy steaks, beautiful rolling countryside, and a lot more than that. And above all, the amazing locals that know how to welcome folks all year long. See you in Audubon, Gallivant nation!

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