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Picking Your Suite Escape in New Albin, Iowa

*We’ve stayed in Lansing, Waukon, and now you can add New Albin to the list of towns that have hosted us in Allamakee County, Iowa! Our stay at the New Albin Inn & Suites was complimentary and the views expressed in this blog post are always of our own. Let’s gallivant!

A suite with a view and all you need within walking distance! 201 1st Street NE

New Albin, IA: Allamakee County

I think I found New Albin.

Autumn isn’t done yet which means the fall colors are waiting for a last minute picture! New Albin Inn & Suites could be your Allamakee County headquarters while in Northeast Iowa, and you may just settle right in for the long haul after checking in to one of your themed rooms at this perfectly centralized inn.

Three of the very comfy suites are pictured here and you’re about to see the fourth!

A long day on the road getting here and then hitting the road again immediately after I arrived to soak up the fall season. That was the plan, and I loved every single second of it. That does however make a traveler more than ready to check in to their room when the time arrives. What I needed was a rustic retreat during this road trip. So, New Albin Inn & Suites delivered on that request. With the Rustic Retreat Suite!

Oh, baby! Figure skating was in midseason form when I turned on the TV. And I thought I wouldn’t see any sports this weekend!
Rustic retreat making you feel right at home.
Full kitchen! See what I meant by staying a long time. New Albin Inn & Suites has everything you need when it comes to firing up that world famous recipe of yours.
Peg, the owner of this fine establishment, has the soft and clean sheets & comfy beds we all want in any stay.

Peg is very proud of her small business here in New Albin and keeps up on all the wonderful decor, very clean accommodations, and overall welcoming nature that every themed suite has here. From the hunters to the visiting families, New Albin Inn & Suites makes for the perfect hub while staying in town. What’s great is you may not even need get back in your car!

Harmon’s High Chaparall Tavern & Restaurant is just a short walk from the front door of the New Albin Inn & Suites. And that means you’re never too far from that famous Friday Night Fish Fry that’s so popular all over the Driftless Area.
That full kitchen in your suite…..Well, it could get a great workout in by loading up on groceries and gourmet meats at City Meat Market. Also, just a short walk from your room in New Albin!

I love most things to be in walking distance from my room when I gallivant. New Albin is a small town, but it had everything I needed during my stay here. A couple places to choose from when it came to my meals, scenery, and one of the best meat markets in the Midwest. New Albin Inn & Suites did a magnificent job of hosting me and I hope it’s on your radar for when that Northeast Iowa getaway comes calling for you. Make it happen!

Be sure to click on the New Albin Inn & Suites website and start planning you visit!

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DEER!!!!!!! And some pretty ones too! Just another “suite” part of New Albin.

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