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The Cheesiest & Squeakiest Holidays Ever

*We had the amazing opportunity to enjoy some complimentary varieties of cheese curds from WW Homestead Dairy here in 2020. We were honored to come up with some fantastic dishes and the views expressed are always of our own. Let’s gallivant!

It’s 106 miles from Waukon, we have 12 bags of curds, 24oz of cottage cheese, it’s sunset and we’re in the Driftless…….Hit it! (I’d like to thank the Blues Brothers for helping me with this opening line) The holiday season is right around the corner and these could be the perfect stocking stuffers you’ve been look for!

Waukon, IA: Allamakee County

The Cheese Curd Capital of Iowa! WW Homestead Dairy is always a road trip away in its cheesy majesty of Waukon, but we also know during these times a sudden getaway may be a little further down the road. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a much awaited package at your front door of these delicious curds. That’s right. Get a squeaky delivery from WW Homestead Dairy! Here’s what we made in our kitchen from the big box of curds that arrived at our house and you’ll see that we had no problem coming up with some squeaky ideas.

Club Allamakee! Thick sliced and pan fried ham, turkey, crispy bacon with melted Peppercorn Ranch Cheese Curds! Triple deckered with whole wheat bread, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. You club sandwich lovers are going to love this!
Crepes are perfect anytime of the day. WW Homestead’s classic cheddar cheese curds folded inside these fluffy French delights with bacon and topped with tart red cherry jam. That’s how you do sweet, savory, smoky, and cheesy.
Who doesn’t love a good chicken schnitzel. It’s even better when you add smoky flavored cheese curds in between the lightly breaded chicken breast fillets.
Burrito mania! Warm flour tortillas loaded with seasoned ground beef, Mexican rice, refried beans, salsa, sour cream and Grilled Steak & Onion flavored Cheese Curds!
The classic twice baked potato topped with Garlic Dill Cheese Curds!
Mango Habanero stuffed bratwursts hot off the grill! What could go well with these? Let’s go with Mango Habanero Cheese Curds!
Casserole night is always a good night and especially during cold winter days ahead. I recommend a healthy dose of Chipotle Cheese Curds added to your chicken casserole pronto!
The Waukon Omelet! Loaded with ham, mushrooms, green bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and Bacon flavored Cheese Curds!
A whole new level of in the massive cheeseburger universe. Ground beef patty stuffed with Onion & Chive flavored Cheese Curds. That tear that’s running down your cheek is normal.
Introducing the spicy pizza melt! Spicy Italian sausage, sliced jalapenos, red onion, garlic mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, four types of shredded cheeses and topped with melted Jalapeno Ranch Cheese Curds!
The famous fried cheese curds with a little Chinese flare. Honey-Sriracha Cheese Curds tossed in sweet and sour chili sauce and served with a creamy wasabi sauce.
Let’s top it all off with a cold Bloody Mary. Be sure to have Bloody Mary Cheese Curds to enjoy with it.

Are you ready to make some of your own creations? Don’t forget that tearing into the bags of cheese curds right when you see them is perfectly acceptable. And let’s not give up on that road trip to Waukon. Here’s what I have in mind….

A little trip to the Drive-In, Waukon style.

WW Homestead Dairy makes Saturday nights memorable with their movie series that goes through the summer and into the fall. You can imagine what kind of goodies are offered during a trip to the movies in Waukon in 2021.

Tonight’s feature is Beetlejuice! Say, Allamakee County three times and an ice cream cone is supposed to appear when you show up to WW Homestead Dairy.
Popcorn and butter is a no brainer at the concession stand. It’s way better when you have a squeeze bottle full of WW’s own melted butter!
You knew these were making a comeback in this blog post. Sometimes you gotta go with a big helping of the classic Fried Cheese Curds. That’s how I want my movie night to go for the rest of my life.

That’s a lot of ideas to make your days cheesier than ever. There’s so many ways we can support our local businesses, everywhere, and they’re all going to need it more than ever over the next couple months and into 2021. Check with all of them and see how they can ship some memorable gifts to your friends and loved ones all over the country. And you can always add a little squeak to any happy smile with all these yummy Cheese Curds!

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Hold your horses! I mean dairy cows! Curds aren’t the only cheesy delights in this joint. Get some WW Homestead Dairy Cottage Cheese and start stuffing manicotti shells with your favorite ricotta!

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