Northeast Iowa · The Mud Belt-Traveling the Mississippi

Tacos, Trout Streams, Burgers & the Scenery That Goes With It-Allamakee County Strikes Again!

*We had the great honor to be hosted by the great folks at the Allamakee County Economic Development and Tourism. The views expressed are always of our own.

Now that’s a great Waukon greeting!

Allamakee County, Iowa

Authentic tacos, local wine, beautiful fall colors, great cheeseburgers, fish mongers, and a whole lot of roadside America. You can experience all of these at one amazing county in the furthest reaches of Northeast Iowa. This is the ultimate way to enjoy the autumn season and it’s all in Allamakee County! Let’s start in the south and work our way up…..

That is the trifecta dreams are made of!

This is a Postville party on a plate and it’s just the welcoming committee I love to see when entering Allamakee County. El Pariente is an authentic taqueria and it’s just one of the many-many cultural experiences you can have in this community. For a small town, Postville is one of the most culturally diverse towns you’ll ever visit and no one should leave without getting a taste of its ethnic cuisines right here in small town Iowa. We have a long day ahead so we’ll need to fuel up.

From a building that was falling apart to a much needed coffee haven.

Next Door Coffeeshop gave me the perk I needed to have an energized exploration of Allamakee County.

Small town with a sophisticated coffeeshop and an owner that has all the civic pride in the world for Postville. This was a theme here in the Hometown of the World. How’s that for a town motto!
Freshly baked and ready for that warm coffee you need.
A little nibble of a Venezuelan delight. Ham and cheese cachito!
The old faithful in all my gallivants. Large ice coffee with two shots of espresso and its absolutely delicious!

Tacos and coffee, baby! We’re ready to head north and the colors of fall are everywhere, only getting more unbelievable the deeper we get into Allamakee. It’s time to head into the forest…..

Just look for the fire tower then pick any trail nearby and get scenery like this.

Yellow River State Forest is absolute Iowa majesty especially this time of year. The endless trails lead to endless scenery and it’s one of the main reasons why I needed this road trip. You can walk the same trail everyday during the fall and see natural beauty changing each time.

Find your peaceful moment at Yellow River State Forest along the clear and trout-filled waters that snake through the whole forest.
I prefer to occupy my peaceful moment while sipping local wine. Lucky for me and all of us there’s Madigan Winery up the road and they provided the elderberry flavor to an afternoon in the woods.

It’s easy to get off the beaten path and see the state in different ways- and I will tell you there is nothing similar to Yellow River State Forest anywhere else in Iowa. It’s stunning and I’m so proud that it’s in my home state. These are great pictures but you need to see it for yourself and keep your plans flexible. You just might spend way more time here than you ever expected and for very good reason.

The things you find while looking at the fall colors!

Mohn Fish Market is the fish monger’s must-stop and see in Allamakee County. Mohn’s is near Harpers Ferry and appears out of nowhere when you’re enjoying the ride.

From the Mississippi River to Mohn’s to grocery store throughout the upper Midwest!
Diane supplies an array of fresh, smoked, pickled, and frozen fish for the eager customers. I say give it shot and watch the locals smile when you do!

Pork, beef, eggs, soybeans, corn, cauliflower ear….All major industries here in Iowa, but there’s another one that brings in some great revenue to Allamakee County. Thousands of pounds of fish are brought in from the Mississippi River every year and Mohn’s is happy to process as much as they can. They ship much of it to the Twin Cities and its Asian markets. That’s right, folks! Iowa feeds the world in yet another way that we don’t think about everyday. Let’s move onto the county seat….

The Allamakee County Freedom Rock has arrived!

Iowa is a scavenger hunting paradise. One of the best road trips you can take is finding Freedom Rocks that are located in 93 of Iowa’s 99 counties. Waukon is the home of Allamakee’s Freedom Rock and it’s located in one of Iowa’s biggest city parks.

Public art ahoy! Waukon has plenty of it to go around. This piece depicts the crossroads that you’ll find in Waukon. And the county’s only intersection with stoplights! That little nugget of knowledge is another reminder that I’m right where I want to be. Rural Iowa.
The roadside attraction lovers and seekers have stopped in Waukon for years. This iconic bull and it’s confident rancher have greeted generations of visitors.
Just look for the burger joint attached to a large auto garage and you get Lid’s!

We love to support the home team as much as we can during our travels. Especially newer restaurants and Lid’s Bar & Grill had a burger basket with my name all over it.

The mushroom and Swiss combo is timeless. The cooks at Lid’s Bar & Grill make a mean one and its paired with some very crispy fries.

You see how you do things here? Grab a bite, look at the scenery, grab a bite, scenery again, and you see where this is going. Let’s head to the one of Iowa’s four corners and that means only one place. A return trip to New Albin and the banks of the Upper Mississippi.

Army Road. One of the true gems of Northeast Iowa.
Let’s see here. When was the last time I skipped on taking a look at an interpretive kiosk like this? I do not recall, senator. I cannot recall there has ever been a time.

Army Road….What a great name! How could you not want to take that path. Did you want to literally get into the Mississippi without a boat, canoe, kayak, swimwear, and without getting wet? Then take Army road and you’ll have the great river all around you. The path takes you through the wetlands that fill you with imagination and they give you a taste of Mississippi history just a few feet from your car. Army Road says adventure, exploration, wildlife, and Northeast Iowa culture. There’s that culture word again. Didn’t I mention that way down in Postville? Yup. I sure did! You’ll find it everywhere in Allamakee.

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Because I wanted a little more art to go with this post! Main Street Lansing is calling!

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