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Craving Suites & Burlington, Iowa Adds the Comfort

*Another road trip brought us back to Southeast Iowa and Burlington was the destination once again. Our stay at the Comfort Suite was complimentary and the views expressed are always of our own. Let’s gallivant!

You can visit Snake Alley twice while you’re in Burlington. Go to the actual crooked’est road in the world and then check into your room at the Comfort Suites and see it again in their beautiful lobby! 1780 Stonegate Center Drive 319-753-1300

Burlington, IA: Des Moines County

We made two trips to Historic Burlington, IA in 2019 and, on our second trip, we landed in yet another fantastic hotel. The Comfort Suites-Burlington is a Choice Gold Award winner and has made this happen by making some amazing improvements and featuring a very nice remodel that has shown visitors the future of this great hotel. All of this with a fabulous staff to give you a great stay in this very entertaining region of Iowa. We showed up to Burlington for a grownup getaway weekend and the Comfort Suites was just the host we needed to relax, kickback, and slip into the Southeast Iowa night.

That’s just sample of this suite!
A king sized bed that seems to lure you in at the instant you see your room!

This suite at the Comfort Suites (I love saying that by the way) can get you to spend a lot of time in your room even though there’s plenty to see in Burlington. You may have a long list of things to do but you’ll want to make plenty of time for your stay here at the Comfort Suites!

IMG-7637 (1)
That’s the greatest part about this suite. Watch the big game and your favorite show at the same time!
Caught you being a cutie-patootie! The kids hate it when we call each other that.
Recline and don’t make any movements beyond that. Gallivant’s orders

You can see that we had plenty of ways to enjoy this modern suite and you will too when you get unpacked. Or within seconds of unlocking the door. It’s your vacation so make it happen in your own way. Did I mention that I really like the recliner? Let’s explore the rest of Comfort Suites!

That’s a very happy wife!
Pouring the national favorites and local Iowa beers like champs!

The Stonegate Lounge is just another great perk about this hotel. Once again, there’s plenty of establishments in the area, but you can also get those adult beverages and some yummy pizza served up just feet from your hotel room. I’m catching on to this sweet suite opportunity. (I love saying that, too)

Rise and shine, here’s your warm biscuits!
I like to stack my waffles like a fat stack of poker chips. Syrup, butter, cha-ching!
That’s a room that can fit a large group visiting Des Moines County!

Your complimentary breakfast is going to be a great one. Hot food, plenty of it and all the classics ready to start your day. Get that gravy ladled, eggs scooped, syrup flowing and the hot coffee forever refilled in your cup. Then…get active!

Are you seeing this! That’s your family getaway too! Bring those kids and beat the winter cabin fever right here in Burlington!
We have immediate seating in the hot tub for a party of….Four, five, ummm…You’ll figure it out. 
The eye of a tiger and the panting of an elderly hound dog. My two spirit animals!

The recent remodel gave the Comfort Suites some up-to-date and very inviting poolside opportunities. We love traveling in the winter and enjoying the surroundings our hotel provides. Sometimes just a change in scenery is all you need and that can be more than accomplished here at the Comfort Suites. To call the crew that runs this award winning hotel hard working and very friendly would be an understatement. You see the pride in this property exuded by them and it shows from the bed folding to the rum and Coke in the lounge. From the second you arrive to the front desk to the cup of yogurt you get giddy about at breakfast. The staff here has what’s plentiful, enjoyable, and specializes in what’s warm, and sparkling. They showed us how good the Burlington experience can be and now it’s your turn!

They’ll see you on the edge of town as you get prepared to see the rest of Burlington! Thank you so much Comfort Suites!

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