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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Henningsen’s in Atlantic

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Atlantic has a lot going for it, and making this town a meat-minded destination is one of them! 1006 West 6th Street

Atlantic, IA: Cass County

Iowa’s small towns keep giving us countless reasons to maintain the mission of The Iowa Gallivant and Atlantic is one of the best examples of how much is offered in these communities. Our quest to locate the state’s greatest sausage makers brought us to Cass County and getting a taste of Denmark at Henningsen’s!

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That’s how you work hard and have a little fun too!
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I will always take advantage of a good Rocky moment when I can.

The folks at Henningsen’s had all the great humor we love when it comes to these meaty destinations. Its been a constant since day one on Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip, and these hard working bands of sausage makers, meat cutters, and knife wielding badasses are the best of this expedition. Time to eat up!

Chorizo’s natural pal is scrambled eggs, and Henningsen’s has this Mexican style sausage handled and ready for your breakfast cravings.
I challenge anyone to try to turn this down.

Breakfast tacos are a way of life in our household and we make them during all hours of the day. Sometimes you can catch me having conversations with tacos and that’s okay because we’re best friends. The bulk package of crumbled chorizo was combined with eggs and then loaded into warm flour tortillas with fried potatoes, bacon, cheese, and fresh tomatoes. I’m really needing another one of these right about now.

This is the state of Iowa, and that’s a Danish delight ready to make lunch happen!

Western Iowa has a wonderful Danish heritage and Henningsen’s gives a tasty look into the old country. Medisterpolse sausage is one of their specialties and there was no way we were leaving town without it. This is a first for a Danish sausage on Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip and it nearly made me quit everything and enlist on the first Viking ship I could find. I ended up eating the whole thing and took a nap instead.

Brat patty madness! We made it happen with whole grain mustard, horseradish cheese spread, fresh onions, kraut, and a cold brewski!

You like to buy/eat local, support Iowans, and shop small. Iowa’s meat shops are a great way to do all of that. Not only are Henningsen’s juicy brat patties down-right amazing, they go well with sauerkraut as we all expected. We topped them with Curtido Kraut from Bubbling Brine Brothers of of Fairfield, Iowa. That’s a lot of what’s great about this state looking up at you on that cutting board. Make Atlantic happen and don’t miss out on Henningsen’s while you’re there!

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