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Winter Weekend Saint Paul Style-The Much Needed Night Out We’d Travel For Again & Again

The plan: Two dorks from Iowa travel up north so they can have a weekend of beers. Saint Paul comes in with the slap shot win for a great grownup getaway!

Saint Paul, MN: Ramsey County (Our First Minnesota County)

We came to Saint Paul for many reasons, like their annual Winter Carnival and all the variety this major metro area showcases. Mission accomplished! Thanks, everyone, and we can’t wait to come back! Whooooah! Let’s get into more detail because this is just part one of our winter escape to Saint Paul. That’s right, folks! We went further north into Minnesota to break away from a case of cabin fever and loved this executive decision we made. There’s incredible opportunities for anyone to enjoy an action packed or even a leisurely escape to Minnesota. And it goes without saying that we highly recommend that you set your heading for the City of Saint Paul and discover how easy it is to drift through your stay and become one with the winter. One beer at a time. Let’s get this grownup getaway going with a classic way to fill up before tasting Saint Paul’s oodles of craft beer havens!

Cecil’s Deli

The neighborhood deli kicks this show off! Cecil’s is an STP staple and a perfect way to get your bellies satisfied before hitting the town. 651 Cleveland Avenue South
Put a runny fried egg on anything and I will most likely order it every time. Meet my friend Sasha- hot brisket pastrami, Swiss cheese, and served with that wonderful fried egg and their famous bird sauce!
I bet you had a feeling about this one. Reuben are always a fantastic go-to at delis and Cecil’s has one of the best we’ve had in our travels.

Cecil’s Deli calls to you when you’re wandering the STP neighborhoods and their delicious features are an excellent way to help keep up the momentum for the day. Their fresh breads are loaded with quality meats, flavorful sauces and melted cheeses. This was a proper energy booster with all the tasty carbs and proteins you want. All that with a side of fries, potato salad and slaw!

Clutch Brewing Company at Keg & Case Market

IMG_9386 (1)
Remember that whole leisure thing I was talking about? Clutch Brewing Company came sweeping in on this maneuver for us. 928 7th Street West
Are you getting the same idea we had? Park it for awhile and enjoy Saint Paul’s great indoors.

Winter travel doesn’t always mean diving into hours of winter sports. Although that would be VERY easy to do in Saint Paul. Finding a place that’s not too far from our hotel and just absorbing the atmosphere in a fun venue with many locals to meet and plenty of opportunities to support Minnesota businesses… this is Keg and Case all the way. As you can see, Clutch Brewing Company has some beautiful beers to get the afternoon or evening started correctly. The staff behind the bar are true ambassadors to their craft, this wonderful market, and Saint Paul as a whole. You’ll want to keep an eye out on The Iowa Gallivant as we go more in depth with this Saint Paul landmark because they have A LOT more you’re going to want to see and experience for yourself.

Amsterdam Bar & Hall

We asked where the locals go and the locals came through. They said to simply go to Amsterdam! And we didn’t even need a passport. (I couldn’t wait for that corny one) 6 West 6th Street
Clink’ity clink! This first toast is for you, Saint Paul!

Just look at that beer board in the picture above! Amsterdam Beer & Hall is a great venue for live music or just to kickback a few early in the evening. A large beer selection and full bar to satisfy anyone’s tastes. We came for the drinks and nearly stayed when we saw huge orders of amazing mussels hitting our neighbors tables to the left and right of us. That’s an aroma that will guarantee to get us back and not just for cider and a brewskies.

The Loon Cafe St. Paul

We were here to celebrate the winter and celebrate we did… at the Loon Cafe St. Paul! 500 North 1st Avenue
The campfire is always a welcome site even when you’re not camping. These folks in Minnesota embrace the season like true professionals.
Oh, hey….Can I buy you a beer or maybe just stand here all good looking and junk. That’s what I should of said. The ice bar was a nice touch to the icy pint of Grain Belt Premium.
IMG_8045 (1)
Somewhere under those hedgehogs is the Loon’s famous drink with Buddy’s Grape Soda. A grape soda blast for a cocktail experience you need to taste for yourself in STP! Just order the Grape Ape and get to enjoying a mix with a local Minnesota soda. That was all very enjoyable to write!

What’s better than gazing at the beauty of an ice sculpture shining in the Saint Paul night? How about one you can set your cold beverage on while enjoying the wonderful crisp Minnesota air. And what’s better than that kind of ice sculpture? How about a throne you can sit on….for a few seconds only to get that bucket list pic scratched off. The Loon Cafe St. Paul was another establishment the STP bar goers directed us to and we could see why. A welcoming look both inside and outside. Seeing a group of folks huddled over a fire pit as you turn the corner is always a great selling point in my book.

Stacked Deck Brewing Company

Time to get flighty around here. The brewery beckoned us and it was time to get indoors and head to Stacked Deck Brewing Company. 421 Cedar Street
Look at those giggly faces! That’s the Saint Paul craft beer specialty!
One must always order an extra pint of the suggested IPA when going to flight school. You know. For a pallet cleanser.

Stacked Deck Brewing Company was packed, pumping out some choice 80s music, and fully staffed with a bartending crew that was unbelievable. They kept the beers flowing while keeping a very fun and entertaining mood the whole time. True ambassadors to that very matter and also helped us come up with some other great moments later in the evening. There is nothing that will get us to return more than that type of awesome service mixed with a love-your-own-community vibe. Make this brewery happen, Gallivant nation!

Dark Horse Bar & Eatery

Nacho night in the state capital! Saint Paul is the state capital of Minnesota. I looked it up.
This mama got a taste of her homeland at the Dark Horse. The national beer of Texas is available in tallboy fashion at this here establishment. 250 East 7th Street
Chicken Tikka Masala pizza? That’s right! Indian flavor for late night greatness after beer hopping in this great city.

If there is something I know about Saint Paul, it is that I can guess with incredible accuracy that the Dark Horse Bar & Eatery has a pizza for everyone. And a beer to go with it! We went with their Pizza of the Moment special. Who knows what the kitchen is going to come up with and on this night they brought a classic of India to the world of pizza. We devoured every savory, spicy, and cheesy bite with plenty of tender chicken. We got cilantro in our teeth and didn’t give a flip about it!

Peddlers Pub-Best Western Plus Capitol Ridge

*Our stay at the Best Western Plus-Capitol Ridge was complimentary. Our views expressed are always of our own. Let’s get back to gallivanting!

Nightcap in true Saint Paul style!

We had a grownup getaway we very much needed and we made a smooth transition into our accommodations at the Best Western Plus-Capitol Ridge, in very large part to the scene above. The one last beer moment that a lot of us have is best enjoyed by a fireplace. Peddlers Pub is located just off the lobby and they have more of that local brew we came for. That, my friends, is how we like to end the night out! Stay tuned to The Iowa Gallivant because this isn’t all we have to show you when it comes to this hotel and the rest of our adventures in Saint Paul. We’ve only begun this gallivant with our friends up north!

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