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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing The Atlantic Locker

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Follow this sign and don’t stop until your basket is full of local sausages! 310 West 2nd Street Atlantic, Iowa

Atlantic, IA: Cass County

Is there any better stocking-stuffer than a package of your favorite meats waiting for your enjoyment? That just gave you an idea for some last minute shopping! We have just the place for you because Atlantic, Iowa is one of the best places you can visit for the holidays and the Atlantic Locker can make your whole family happy. Bratwursts have the uncanny ability to make that happen, so let’s do it!

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Plenty of variety here, and you’ll eventually have to make a decision at some point and no one here would stop you from getting one of each!

We have traveled many miles throughout Iowa and experienced an amazing amount of lockers, but this has truly been one of the most rewarding projects we’ve ever had. Drive around Iowa, take some sausages home, cook them, and eat. Someone needs to do it. Let’s see what we prepared from the Atlantic Locker!

Skinless brats a’plenty at this locker! Get ready for a mushroom & Swiss excursion!

What do I like to do when I get juicy and delicious mushroom & Swiss bratwursts? Add more mushrooms and Swiss cheese! This is one of those classic flavor combos and traditionally seen on burgers. However, the Atlantic Locker nails it with their skinless brats popping out of the pan!

This is for all you mushroom lovers!

Now, that’s a sandwich! Get your skillet nice and hot and put that package of brats to good use. Slice them all the way down the middle and start piling it high on a toasted hoagie roll. The rich flavored brats are the meaty headliners, to this meal, and they’ll make any mushroom fanatic happy when they land on their plates.

We’re not done with this cheesy way to enjoy Atlantic!

It’s not just sausage that creates a memorable meal from this popular establishment. Pork burgers are incredibly underrated and you’ll wonder why you don’t have them more often. They’ll become a household staple if you serve up these bacon and cheese stuffed patties from the Atlantic Locker! Triple bacon and cheese pork burger is a dream that came true for this hungry traveler. Santa got my letter! Welcome to Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip, Atlantic!

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