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Little Sweden, USA: Your Road Trip Needs Lindsborg, Kansas

Lindsborg, KS: McPherson County

How’s that for a welcoming party to Lindsborg! We hit the right August weekend if you ask me and they know how to celebrate the last days of summer in style. And drenched. There’s plenty to experience here and meeting the locals is always at the top of our to-do list on any gallivant. What better way to meet them while traveling with your family then participating in an annual water fight! And that’s not all on this sun-soaked day….

Grill masters on hot dog duty! Meal one in Lindsborg was cooked up by these volunteers taking the heat.
The watermelon express was another proud group of locals making sure the water fighters and onlookers get the proper late summertime refreshments.
There’s actually two smiles in this picture.

There’s a lot of water parks, beautiful beaches, aquatic centers, massive lakes, and historic river bends to enjoy all over this country. Sometimes a family just needs a few water pistols and the help from the Lindsborg Fire Department to cool off. I honestly can say that this was the most memorable welcoming we’ve ever had!

A Swedish Touch Everywhere

Hemslojd is directly on Main Street and you must see this anchor of local heritage.
Herds of handmade Dala horses are made here and they’re crafted in unbelievable designs.
She’s been doing this for many years and her work ethic and love for this art is in full display when you visit the Hemslojd.




You just got a lot of stocking stuffer ideas, didn’t you? Or pass them out for Halloween!

The inventory of Scandinavian gifts that can be matched with just about anyone you can think of are fully stocked at Hemslojd. Dad needs a new stocking cap with Swedish flare? They got it! Dozens of Christmas caricatures to go with the dozens of Christmas caricatures you already have? You betcha! Your kid wants a pony? Take home a beautiful Dala horse. They call Lindsborg Little Sweden and they’re not kidding around with that. You need a bike ride now….

Even the quadricycle rentals bring the Sweden out!
Let the record show that I was terrified when my daughter took the wheel so I am officially sweating as I think about the day she gets her drivers license.

Lindsborg is a little Kansas town that keeps you active. Think about renting a quadricycle before leaving the Hemslojd and give yourself a shaded tour of this Main Street city in style and comfort.

Dala, Dala, Dala! You will never be too far from this Swedish darling in Lindsborg.
Okay. They might have a lot of the Swedish stuff but do they have a phone booth that looks like it could be on a corner in Stockholm? Yes they do, smarty pants.
This is also a very fun scavenger hunt. Keep yourself and the kids occupied all day and find as many as you can!

Main Street Eats!

*Some of our meals were complimentary/compensated. The views expressed are always of our own. Let’s keep gallivanting Little Sweden!

The local tap- full of locals and plenty of local flavor on Main Street.
The Swedish Delicacy Tray… your cheese and pickled herring craving officially has a headquarters.

Ol Stuga was just what I wanted in a hometown bar here in Lindsborg. Plenty of regulars ordering cold ones from the bar, a lot of laughter, and plenty of delicious food getting served. You may not be into what I ordered, but if you’re looking to take a huge bite of Scandinavia then you may want to order the Swedish Delicacy Tray. Bond-Ost cheese, which is close to a sharp cheddar, pickled herring, and very crisp knackebrod crackers. This takes me back to the old country. That is if I was from the old country. We’re not done with that theme.

A little art to go with your fresh baked goodies!
If your cinnamon roll isn’t making people smile like this then you may need to revamp your recipe.
Lingonberries making another appearance in Lindsborg and this time in terrific scones.
The first thing that pops out at you when the baked goods come into view. This has grandma’s technique written all over them!
The payment system is the honor code. I love small town USA!
The gallery gives you another reason to fall in love with the Lindsborg art scene all over again.


I’ll take a scone, cinnamon roll, that handcrafted vase, lingonberry bar and that oil painting. I’m sure that not everyone would shop and eat at the Courtyard Bakery & Gallery like that, but you get the picture. (That was an awesome pun) Beautiful pieces of artwork greet you with the sudden aroma of fresh baked goods. My favorite part was the honor system of serving yourself and paying when it came to the bakery. I’ve purchased firewood and sweet corn with this method and now I can add mid-morning sweets on to that list, thanks to Lindsborg.

The old smithies may not have seen this one coming. Welcome to Blacksmith Coffee Shop & Roastery!
Jenga is all fun and games until Papa Bear’s ice coffee gets spilled. That goes with about everything in life.
Call this sandwich chicken all you want and it won’t flinch at all. Flaky croissant filled with a creamy chicken salad for the lunch time coffee drinking warrior you are.
Meet the gyro of Lindsborg! That wasn’t nearly as funny of you pronounce this wrap as guy-row. Either way is just fine with me and the Blacksmith crew.
Attention to all those flower lovers out there! You just found another way for taking a walking tour of Lindsborg!

Blacksmith Coffee Shop & Roastery is a beacon for all of us coffee lovers here in Lindsborg. Small town America has seen many gourmet coffee shops open over the years and the visitors are so very grateful for it. I love to taste new flavors, but I am always in need of my iced coffee in the morning. And afternoon. Sometimes sneaking out to get “groceries”, “check the mail”, and so on. They do a great lunch and we highly recommend that yummy looking chicken salad from above.

This Town Can Dance!

We love a good block party and we hit Lindsborg at a great time for that!
Cuz cotton candy! That’s why!
The way to The Iowa Gallivant’s heart is through a pork sandwich. Well done, Lindsborg!
McPherson County’s version of the Blue Man Group? When the lighting is just right then why not!

The Lindsborg faithful were out in full force to eat some great food, dance the evening away, check off their need for cotton candy, and support Smoky Valley High’s prom festivities. The Annual Street Dance is just what the essence of our travel blog is all about. Meeting the locals that make up the heartbeat of every city and party with them whenever we can. Which is why we hope you do the same. If you think getting sprayed by a large fire hose and live music is fun then you’ll be interested in another event here in Lindsborg. Click on Svensk Hyllningsfest and you can REALLY see this town energized on October 18th-19th, 2019! Your autumn road trip could use a little Swedish spice to it.

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See you in beautiful Lindsborg!


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