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Coronado’s Search For Gold & the Swedish Found the Riches-Lindsborg, Kansas


Lindsborg, KS: McPherson County (Our 5th Kansas County)

Native American lands within the Spanish conquest for mass deposits of gold, to Swedish homesteading, to modern day Kansas. This is the region of America that can produce some of the most unique of all Midwest travels. An incredible story in its founding that is still very much enjoyed here in the 21st century. A town with a strong Swedish heritage that invites the cultures of the world to experience. Beautiful landscapes to feast your eyes on no matter which way you look. This is just part one of what we came to love about a small Kansas town called Lindsborg.

Coronado Heights-The Spanish Quest for Kansas Gold

It’s no secret that I have a high regard for the prairies, plains, grassy hills, and vast farmlands of the Midwest. The footprints of visitors into places like Coronado Heights are increasing as many travelers are discovering the vastness and stunning overlooks Kansas has and being increasingly captured by it. Make the extra turn, discover a gravel/dirt road, and find the summit of any hill. This always leads to the endless horizons of the Midwest.

A castle built in the 1930s gives the ancient hill a lasting structure to view the rolling Kansas prairie.
Imagination swirling at Coronado Heights.


A long season of green grass waving back. This vantage point can produce the relaxation and the day dreams only the prairie can provide.

Coronado came to the Lindsborg area, in the 1540s, on the hunt for gold, following stories, legends, and the paths Native Americans have long before blazed in the days when no European had any knowledge of the New World. Deep into middle America and into Kansas was the Spanish prayers for an entire city of gold. They used these hills to gather a vantage point in hopes to see the mythical deposits somehow shining in the distance. What the conquest witnessed wasn’t too much different from today. Minus a few roads, some farmland, and the distant town of Lindsborg, the view from Coronado Heights can be a clear look into historic Kansas. The Spanish gave up on what is now McPherson County. The Swedish saw a land in a much different way and looked to the future seeing a richness that the explorers before them couldn’t see for themselves. Their future wasn’t wealth that could be forged into bricks, jewelry, or doubloons. Their vision gave us Lindsborg and the golden community that occupies it 150 years later.

Take a Hike & Never Leave Town

The welcomes are everywhere in Lindsborg!
IMG-7089 (1)
The Midwest skyscraper in full and beautiful view here in Lindsborg.
No matter the weather, the Valkommen Trail will always have sunshine.

The biggest tip I can give you when visiting Lindsborg… bring your walking shoes! The Valkommen Trail is yet another scenic and relaxing way you can observe the beautiful Smoky River valley. Miles of this paved path show you a look into the sites and sounds of nature that a Kansas stroll can provide while still keeping you close to the business district in town. We’re not done being active yet!

*Our stay at the Rosberg House Bed and Breakfast was complimentary and so were some of our meals here in Lindsborg. The views expressed are always of our own. Let’s get back to gallivanting!

Just off Main Street-Lindsborg and the perfect anchor for a weekend in this little taste of Sweden. 103 East State Street 785-250-0508
Rosberg House
Imagine taking a dip at the Historic Rosberg House in between your laps around Main Street-Lindsborg.

We checked into the Rosberg House Bed and Breakfast and we were floored by the beauty right when we showed up. Just a few steps from Main Street and all its shops, restaurants, museums, parks, and that scenic walking trail. The flowers, vibrant colors of the house, front porch, and the welcoming energy coming off the property stirred our imaginations when we pulled up. You’ll want to keep your eyes open here on The Iowa Gallivant because we’ll be showing you the rest of this Lindsborg treasure. Time for another walk!

Bethany College has an off campus institution on Main Street and it’s delicious!
The pasta lovers will feel right at home here at the Swedish Crown.
This is the the taste of Lindsborg right here. Swedish meatballs, tender sausage, homemade mashed potatoes, and ever present lingonberry jam you’ll find here and all over town.
If you live for house made potato chips, then you’ll love Lindsborg.

The Swedish Crown Restaurant is a must-have dining experience during your visit to Lindsborg. Fantastic Swedish style fare with classic selections of Americana and prepared by a hospitable staff that loves to see visitors. Bethany College operates the Swedish Crown with some of their staff working there and learning the ins-and-outs of the business. If you love to support hard working individuals and get a truly memorable meal at the same time, then make this restaurant happen. You’ll want to sing from a snowy Swedish cliff after you motor through the platter above. By the way….Lingonberries are my jam!

Main Street Shopping


The Small World Gallery with the local owner and National Geographic photographer. Jim Richardson showed us around the gallery and became a very quick friend with his storytelling and positive nature.
The Small World’s trusty Jack Russell is ready for story time in the children’s books section.
Local jewelry and a lot of it at Small World Gallery
We weren’t kidding with the National Geographic reference!
This place knows just what kind of journal to have of stock for this group of gallivanters.
Mr. Richardson’s photos are in full display here. Take some cards home and send these beautiful pieces to your friends and loved ones and tell them just where they can visit to pick up some of their own in Lindsborg.
Spoiler alert! I picked up a pair of earrings for my wife. My editor (my wife) has already received the earrings. So this isn’t an actual surprise to her. They’re real nice though!

Small World Gallery has many ways to take a little part of Lindsborg home with you. It can be some of their amazing jewelry, stunning photography, literature, and one of a kind souvenirs to remember your travels here. My favorite memento from Small World Gallery is the great conversations with Jim. There’s a lot of tangible gifts you can buy here, but what I personally took home was a genuine feeling of being greeted by a longtime friend that I just met. Through all of Jim’s travels and years of photography there’s a man that still exudes a positive Kansas way about him. It supplies the glow of this gallery and gives you another Lindsborg experience that you can only get in this Main Street community. Jim, and the rest of the Small World Gallery family, knows just how precious this planet is and they are making their little slice of it just as meaningful and unforgettable as they can.

Stay tuned! You’ve only seen a sample of what our gallivant to Lindsborg turned up. Get prepared for round two coming soon!

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