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Breakfast in Bed or Bathtub: The HoDo of Fargo

*Our 8 day Upper Midwest road trip took us to some new places. One of them was Fargo and the Hotel Donaldson. Our stay at the HoDo was complimentary and the views expressed are always of our own. Let’s gallivant!

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The clouds of the plains are even better to watch when you can see them roll in from atop of the historic Hotel Donaldson in Downtown Fargo. 101 Broadway North, Fargo, ND 701-478-1000

Fargo, ND: Cass County

The summer is still weeks away from ending and that means there’s plenty of time to get another Midwest road trip planned. How does a grownup getaway sound? When you get the opportunity to venture off, I suggest you take it. We had the fantastic experience of getting one in Downtown Fargo and we had the beautiful Hotel Donaldson as our base for the trip there. The local call this downtown staple the HoDo and you’ll want to get it on your radar, too.

Pet friendly alert! The HoDo knows that you love your well-behaved pets and would gladly treat them like valued guests. This sign made us instantly miss our little Tippy Lou, but we still managed to absorb this great hotel.

We checked in and immediately realized how skilled the staff was. Not only did they welcome us and give a detailed account of the HoDo, but they also provided us a brief curation of the artwork that would be in our room. All of the Hodo’s rooms feature a different work from local artists and the folks who check you in are eager to share the information about them with you.


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You got to love a place that offers refreshments and candy while you admire the handmade pottery in your room.
Works at eye level and overlooking you the entire time while staying in this very enjoyable room at the HoDo.

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Ceramic artist Richard Bresnahan of rural North Dakota created these inspiring pieces that showcase this room. The busy action of Downtown Fargo, a few floors below us, was happening all day and night while we were here, and it peacefully slowed down upon entering the room and taking in Bresnahan’s art every time we took a break from the action. Just exactly what you want in a fine hotel room.


You’re in a major urban center but this room at the HoDo gives you a very relaxing rural feeling with all the modernization we enjoy. The bathtub was fancy and comfy all at once. See that coffee set nearby? That’s good times right there.
The sheets and bedding are VERY comfortable here. Downtown businesses would like you to shop, eat, and play but you could find yourself spending many unscripted hours in your room.
Its always great to have a nice looking bathroom. What’s really important to us is water pressure and a quick cycle to hot water. HoDo does all this perfectly and gives us the chance to relax and enjoy ourselves. I sang a wicked-awesome rendition of Purple Rain in this shower.

The first thing that catches your eye is the obvious bathtub in the middle of the room as you can see in the pictures above. The hot water falls from the spout in the ceiling and creates an unmistakable sound that creates an anticipation for your bath. Draw some hot water and enjoy the bubbles, click on the flat screen TV, have a a trusty beverage by your side, and sink into every wonderful moment you have in this room.

IMG-4492 (1)
Early evening is a reason to celebrate here at the HoDo with happy hour in the lobby! Happy time is the best time of day.
Fresh bread, artisan meats and cheeses, fresh fruit, wine, and beer are offered to the HoDo guests. That brie and capicola didn’t have a chance when I arrived!
Cheers and bottoms-up at the Hodo Lounge!
The refreshing ending to a day gallivanting in Downtown Fargo!

The Hodo Lounge is on the bottom level of this anchor in the downtown district and it was the place to be when we arrived. A packed room with a private party, full dining room, and a few open spots at the bar. We pounced at the opportunity and settled in with some beers and got to know the bartenders. The fact that we didn’t have to drive one bit the entire time here was a major plus. The HoDo was never far away and we couldn’t have asked for more of a convenient place to stay for the night.

Breakfast….And precious hot coffee!

You have a choice of a complimentary breakfast or more selections at an additional cost. We had more exploring to do and we went with the complimentary breakfast and it was plenty satisfying with fresh muffins and fantastic hot coffee and tea for the missus. Delivered to our room as a delightful wake up call. We suggest taking the HoDo up on breakfast and enjoy more time in your room.

This town is a Midwest entertainment hot-spot and now you have an idea on where to stay when you get here!

Another huge thank you to The HoDo and the entire crew that works here. This is a true treasure of Fargo and we know that you’ll love the time you spend downtown. The HoDo showed us their own unique way of making guests feel amazing when they stay here. Get your visit to this city planned ASAP! And discover amazing Midwest art, a welcoming atmosphere, and North Dakota with that so special and one of a kind North Dakotan hospitality when you check-in at the Hotel Donaldson.

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