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Fargo on Foot-Part 2 of 2: A Toasty, Cidery, Artsy Side of Downtown

When you’re having this much fun at breakfast you know the rest of your day is going to be a great one in Downtown Fargo!

Fargo, ND: Cass County

One of our favorite ways to travel is via the great American road trip and then getting to your destination and saying goodbye to our car for the rest of our stay. Downtown Fargo is one of the best places to do such a thing and our grownup getaway had everything we wanted for a on-foot exploration of another entertaining Midwest metro destination. Part One was tasty, exciting, relaxing, and refreshing. There’s even more of that to come!

The new and old blood of Fargo is loving Young Blood Coffee Co.
The hard working roaster is keeping the Fargo crowds gifted with delicious coffee.
Avocado toast is the becoming this generation’s staple breakfast and this coffeehouse has the gourmet goods on this popular selection.
Cream cheese and strawberry jam on more of Young Blood’s thick toast.
There’s that hot and much needed caffeinated beverage we and many more will enjoy here in Downtown Fargo.

Young Blood Coffee Company has seen the culinary trends and made a concept that is feeding into them while feeding a loyal customer base. It mixes the aroma of fresh bread being baked and then toasted with coffee being roasted and then brewed. The musical tunes are pumped through the speakers from vinyl records with the hisses, bubbling, and spoons stirring from the beverage orders with the baristas floating behind the counters. The thick slices of bread covered with fresh ingredients, spreads, and toppings are a very good way to start your Fargo morning.

Plains Art Museum is a short walk from anywhere in Downtown Fargo.

The local museums of the Midwest are endless with treasures that we have sought out during our gallivants. The Plains Art Museum has multiple levels and is filled with amazing and beautiful works. The admission is free and kept that way by the donations and funding from the people who want to see these institutions flourish.

Birdhouses designed by local NDSU students were in beautiful display. Visitors to the museum were encouraged to vote for their favorite one.


The Native American works and history are one of the most fulfilling section of the Plains Art Museum. The paintings, gowns, jewelry and more pop with vibrant colors while the education and heartbreak of the artists plights can be felt here. This exhibition closes on July 31st so go check it out already!


We will always urge the support of these museums and this one in Fargo can help you wander through the afternoon getting to know the people and arts of Eastern North Dakota. Find time for these places and absorb their messages when ever possible. Time for another walk…..

As you can see, we were in great company while taking a stroll through Fargo.

Fargo is one of the Midwest’s leaders in public art and murals are all over the city. You many have many plans but you should add looking for these to your to-do list. Click here to see more info about finding these pieces of art and locate so much more of Fargo than you ever expected. You may stumble upon another refreshing way to enjoy one of the neighborhoods.

Wild Terra Cider is just what we have in mind when it comes to supporting the apple growers of the country.
Flight of the apples! That’s what we’ll call this movie!


Wild Terra Cider made us feel like we entered a rural lodge and stepped out of the busy city. Thick wooden tables, walls, and even the cider flights were served on something that would make a lumberjack proud. The ciders are served wonderfully chilled and hit the spot on the warm Fargo day like we were having. The Fargo-Moorhead area has many breweries and it is nice to switch it up a little and partake in a cidery keep your inner Johnny Appleseed satisfied. Click here and start that libation tour before you head to Fargo!

Down the long alley in Downtown Fargo is the Boiler Room and another depot for the gambit of local craft beers and more.
Scotch eggs are a national treasure. Boiled eggs, wrapped in sausage, breaded, and fried. I can eat these right off the vine unwashed anytime of season. I don’t think that’s how they’re produced but it’s my blog, and welcome to The Iowa Gallivant universe. Every post is somehow connected like Pixar movies, too.
Plenty of pickle slices to go with home-slice and her nutritious Bloody Mary.

I like to wander the streets like the opening scene of The Sound of Music. I just lost the attention of A LOT of readers. I like to enter an alley like I just scored a World Cup goal before entering a bar. That’s better! The Boiler Room has the underground industrial feel to your drinking and dining pleasure. I’m thinking steampunk party. We’re on to something! Hear that in the background? That’s the “sweet mother of fancy Moses I need something sweet” voice going off.

I know what some of you may be thinking. Insomnia Cookies are everywhere. Well, kind of, but not where I live and I’m not turning them down!
This is the one time you can call me chunk. And when we’re around a big piece of cheese. But not when the Goonies are on. I just captured another demographic of readers. You learning, kids?

Collegetown-USA is home to many of the Insomnia Cookies franchises and that’s just where we’re at. North Dakota State’s campus is just a few bison chips away from Downtown Fargo and today’s youngsters are making these locations a must when you’re up late “studying”. And it’s perfect for us 40 year old folks who might make it to the fourth episode of Family Guy on Cartoon Network on this night. Not bloody likely but the soft, warm, rich, oh-so sweet, and CHUNKY cookies were just the dessert we wanted in a Fargo evening. Well…we were almost done.

*You betcha! The HoDo were the gracious lodging partners of our stay in Fargo and our room was complimentary. Our views are always our own so let’s keep gallivanting!


The Hotel Donaldson was the central HQ for our Downtown Fargo gallivant and we loved the many ways the HoDo took care of their guests and visitors. A fun atmosphere in the lounge, the rooftop overlooking Downtown Fargo, happy hour, and wonderful rooms. The craft beer flowed once again and there’s no better feeling knowing that your room is just seconds away when you pay your tab. That’s how you do Fargo on foot! However, you eventually gotta go get your car from the parking garage. We weren’t leaving town without the sugary and sticky classic that helps make North Dakota legendary.


We got to know the caramel roll very well in North Dakota and we were guided to CJ’s Kitchen by the locals and I was glad we did. Every region has its iconic taste of home and you are going to be very sorry if you don’t get one of these gooey rolls topped with large amounts of soft butter. There’s just some things you don’t turn down, folks.

Make sure to click on the Fargo-Moorhead events calendar and start making your plans to be North of Normal!

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