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Back to The Corn Crib B&B in Indianola & You’ll See Why

*The countryside of Warren County was back on The Iowa Gallivant radar this summer! Our stay at the Corn Crib Bed and Breakfast was complimentary. The views expressed are always of our own. Let’s gallivant!

Indianola is a busy town with a great town square, year-round events, students attending Simpson, and the hub for many rural communities. There’s a little more to this area, and it’s not too far from all that Indianola offers while keeping it’s rural setting. Here’s our second trip to the Corn Crib! 1301 South K Street, Indianola, IA 515-961-3152

Indianola, IA: Warren County

We make a lot of plans and coordinate a lot of gallivants. Some of the most memorable times we’ve had are the random places along the way. The Corn Crib landed right in our path in the last days of Winter in 2017, and it turned into one of the most viewed blog posts in our five years on The Iowa Gallivant. We got another chance to stay here and we dove right in like the adorable Gallivanters we are. Let’s stay outdoors first!

Fire pits are always better with multi colored Adirondack chairs. Wouldn’t you know it….The Corn Crib has some of those!
The patio just gave you an idea, didn’t it.
Bed, breakfast, and BBQ! There’s a concept for you!
Welcome to what could be one of Iowa’s most perfectly positioned hammocks. Close to the B&B and overlooking acres of beautiful Warren County countryside.

The Corn Crib is positioned on a grassy hillside at the edge of a beautiful farm. One of the greatest parts of Iowa is that you are never too far from incredible rural scenes no matter where you’re at. The Corn Crib is not only close to Indianola, but it’s also an easy drive from the Des Moines metro area. Your getaway doesn’t always have to be many miles away.

Barb Yearous is the proud owner of The Corn Crib, and her hospitality showed up right away when we arrived.
Right from The Corn Crib garden and into our bellies! Fresh strawberries are always a great welcoming committee. Barb, well done!

You’re ready to go back inside The Corn Crib, aren’t you? What was once a fully functional barn that stored the season’s harvest fell into disrepair after years of needing an update. What do you do with it now? Let gravity take its course and have it someday fall down the hill? Tear it down and have a little more lawn to enjoy? Or completely remodel the whole building and make it into one of the most unique places to lodge in all of Iowa? We like that last idea the most and you will too!




The cozy beds meet cozy bedrooms meets a cozy B&B. If I’m staying in an authentic corn crib, I would love for it to feel authentic. Barb does a great job of keeping that image alive and keeping you completely relaxed here on the farm.






You have all the updated appliances available in a full kitchen that Barb keeps stocked with groceries for you to enjoy while you stay. Or bring your own in! Cook on the grill outside or host a little stir fry party on the outskirts of Indianola indoors at the B&B. I just came up with that!

When you’re ready to kickback, you can sprawl out in the living room and get that large flats screen TV revved up. We stayed nice and toasty with the fireplace a couple winters ago and you can too! That’s my new superhero catch phrase when I save the day. However, its summer and we just wanted to enjoy more of The Corn Crib’s great outdoors.




Barb prides herself when it comes to keeping up on the beauty inside and out of her B&B. The flowers, the garden, fresh cut grass, and huge shade trees are just another part of The Corn Crib’s one of kind charm. There are a lot of reasons to travel all over this state and sometimes you realize that all you needed is a scenic and memorable trip to the farm. The Corn Crib’s hammock, fireplace, and historic agricultural architecture is the all the getaway you need.

The moment you wonder if the amusement park can wait another summer. It can.

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