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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Lohrville

Calhoun County is home to a few lockers and one of them is Lohrville Locker. Just look at the smiles on the owners and group of bratwurst loving gallivanters. Hey, Gigi! Get the sun out of your eyes! 604 2nd Street, Lohrville, IA

Lohrville, IA: Calhoun County

Man, is it great to be back on Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip! Earlier this summer, we made a Northwest Iowa swing and hit up some fantastic places. Some of them were home to expert sausage makers who love the communities they provide their services to. The Lohrville Locker is the next stop on the sausage expedition and you’re going to love what we brought home!

*The Lohrville Locker surprised us with some complimentary samples of their products and we couldn’t thank them more. We were also given some tasty sauerkraut samples from the folks at Bubbling Brine Brothers in Fairfield, IA! The views expressed are always of our own. Let’s get back to gallivanting!

Cheddar bacon stuffed bratwurst….You just found a warm place to stay and it’s right on our dinner plates.
They don’t skimp at all on the cheese or their proud house smoked bacon!

The folks across the pond call it bangers and mash, and we put our own Iowa twist to this classic sausage meal. Lohrville’s cheddar bacon brats worked perfect for this. We pan-seared them and placed’em over homemade mashed potatoes and topped the meal with creamed cabbage. What else? That was a great question. Lohrville Locker is known to have some amazing bacon, and we added it to the cabbage, giving this dish the smoky touch we wanted.

Never turn down the appetizers. Never!

We had a little help from the Fairfield, Iowa sauerkraut gurus called Bubbling Brine Brothers. They have some gourmet selections, and their Vedic Kraut gave our egg rolls the right crunch, zing, and just the accompaniment we wanted. With Lohrville’s pineapple brats and some slices of Mandarin oranges, we had our ingredients. After an easy roll in the wraps and a quick fry in the cast iron, we served-up these beauties!

Nacho supreme just got a little more supreme!

Cheddar stuffed brats are great on a bun but sometimes you don’t eat them all in one setting. This is a great leftover tip for those cooked brats feeling lonely in the fridge. Slice’em up thin, toss in a hot pan for a few minutes, and go to town with all your favorite nacho toppings after the shredded cheese has melted over the tortilla chips. Your football party just got a lot more interesting!

You’ll notice that the bacon theme hasn’t gone away.

Hamburgers are great anytime of the day. It seems that breakfast get’s left out of the burger world too much and we’re here to change that a little. Lohrville Locker has a great house ground beef patty that they grind bacon into, and it gives them a smoky rich flavor that just calls out for your eggs. That’s how you beef up your breakfast!

That’s quality Iowa raised livestock turned into some fresh steaks, burgers, sausages, meat sticks, and a whole lot more at Lohrville Locker!

Thank you to everyone here at the Lohrville Locker for providing some fantastic meals. We’ll see you again and keep up that bacon tradition!

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  1. That place is a quick drop off highway 20. A swing through makes your trip to wherever complete. Beef sticks are a king’s ransom.

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