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A “Continental” Trip to Centerville, Iowa & the Historic Breakfast Burrito

*A road trip through Southern Iowa’s hilly region produced a historic overnight here in Centerville. Our stay at The Continental was complimentary and the views expressed are of our own. Let’s gallivant!

Step inside one of Iowa’s most historic hotels and start making your plans for Centerville and the World’s Largest City Square! 217 North 13th Street

Centerville, IA: Appanoose County

We have seen a lot of Iowa including some of Centerville before this last trip and each gallivant produces more memories and discoveries every time, even when we make a return trip. This was our first time doing an overnight in Centerville and it would be directly on the historic city square. And not just any lodging partner on this trip because we were invited to stay at The Continental Hotel! History meets modernization and we took it all in.

Wreathes aren’t just for Christmas. The Continental displays this welcoming bouquet in the heart of the summer too!
Want guaranteed employment? Be the person who can make mosaic flooring like this. So many times we say, “If these walls could talk.” What would century old floors say? I’m guessing they wouldn’t be fans of cleats of any kind.
I kicked myself for not sending a letter to myself ahead of time when I saw the front desk.

Centerville’s city square is like an inviting fortress of historic buildings towering over you with a castle-like courthouse as the centerpiece. Luring you in and showcasing many locally owned shops and restaurants with stunning architecture surrounding you the whole time. There is a whole culture of travelers that seeks communities like Centerville just for the design of their buildings. They found their Southern Iowa pot’o gold here and The Continental could be a hub for all of them and more. If you’re not a history buff, you will be after a night in the square.

There’s something about the main staircase when it comes to a historic hotel. Can you say “historic hotel” without one? I’m sure you can, but for right now I’m going to imagine a cigar smoking 1800s celebrity on the lam that owes a poker player a lot of money and thinks that Centerville is the perfect getaway town until things settle. Yes, I thought of all of that when I saw this staircase.
I need a message to the Maltese embassy immediately. I’m in Centerville, Iowa and posthaste!
I’m not sure why, but the spacious conditions and chairs in the elevator made my daughters want to pretend that it was teatime. Pass the cucumber finger sandwiches, please.
We got off on the wrong floor and decided to take a break. And why not! We’re on vacation!
There’s plenty of history to see before you reach your room at The Continental. They even have their own little museum fashioned from the barbershop that once occupied this amazing property.


Your grandparents favorite brand of cigarettes are now historic memorabilia here at The Continental.
The Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade comes to mind when I see all of these. “You must choose. But choose wisely…”

I love it when I can make multiple stops to view artwork, artifacts, and decor before entering the fabulous room you have reserved. To enjoy your hotel stay is to enjoy the entire hotel.

Tell them what else they won!
There’s plenty of restaurants in Centerville, but if you want to stay in and cook, you can at The Continental.
Plenty of leg room here on the couch. Feeling relaxed is The Continental’s specialty.
The interior makes you feel pleasantly faraway from where you traveled no matter where home is.
You may be in a historic hotel built in the late 1800s but the bathroom is as up to date as you can imagine.
Staying awhile? No probs! A huge walk-in closet awaits and you can get a lot of clothes in there. Or make a small loft apartment! I’d check with the front desk before doing that.

Our suite was more than enough to keep us comfortable. The Continental has a unique way of keeping you in the Victorian mood while filling you with the 21st century amenities that many of us enjoy. A huge living room with a full kitchen close by, flat screen TVs, a luxurious bathroom, and a view of the square.

When you find your favorite show on the flat screen you dive right in. Your jammies might look different and that’s okay.

How many little towns have you driven past not thinking about the accommodations they might have? How many times……Wait! Why am I getting to the closing arguments already? There’s a lot more to to see here!

Grab a cold beverage at the bar downstairs! The folks here take care of you and treat you like a longtime guest. That’s just what you want in a stay anywhere. The bartenders at The Continental know this better than anyone in Iowa.

Times come and times go. Many things stay the same even though its different styles. One thing’s for sure is that no one was ordering a breakfast burrito in the 1890s at The Continental. In 2019 at Lucile’s Steaks and Spirits the guests will be and this restaurant is right by the beautiful lobby. I took part in just one of the courses and I was glad we didn’t miss out on one of Iowa’s best restaurants.

Don’t leave without the most important meal of the day. The burrito course!
Soft flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, hashbrowns, sausage, bell peppers, and onions. Topped with sour cream and a rich green chili sauce with roasted pork. Now imagine lunch and dinner here!

I love Iowa and the Midwest. I love the countless small towns all over America. The Continental is a historical hotel within a historical district inside a historic city. Centerville is road tripping gold through a beautiful region. You could use a new place to discover and Appanoose County can facilitate some fantastic memories this summer and all year long. This town has an Annual Pancake Day in September too! Oh, baby!

You getting any ideas? Better get your plans ready for Centerville and start practicing that wave while skiing!

Make your reservation on The Continental website and get that trip to Southern Iowa on your calendar!

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