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Fighting Off Winter & Winning in Fort Dodge, Iowa-Part Two of Two

You may want the Spring to get here soon, but this Captain is standing at attention all year long, no matter what the conditions are like, at the Fort Dodge library.

Fort Dodge, IA: Webster County

Spring IS getting closer, and we only have mere days left of winter and Iowa is telling us that it’s prepared to hold on to the cold streak for a little while longer. Don’t let that get you down, because when the road are clear you can still get out enjoy yourself and show that Frost guy that he’s not getting the best of you. It’s time to bring you the second half of our recent trip to Fort Dodge!

Attention all gamers, prize enthusiasts, skee-ball pros, pizza consumers, and all around fun lovers because you’re going to love Fort Frenzy when it’s chilly outside. And don’t forget about the Frenzy when it’s nice out, too! Putt-Putt golf and Go-Cart season will be here before you know it. Until then, master your skills with some of the most intense arcade games that you’ll find in Iowa.

Why not get an education and search through the Karl King archives at the Fort Dodge Public Library? One of America’s greatest composers of the 20th century made Fort Dodge his home and taught the world some of the most unforgettable music. Bands from all corners of the globe have been influenced by his techniques and teachings and will be for years to come. The archives on display can peak the interest of travelers and enthusiasts along with getting locals to rediscover the history of their hometown.

Fort Dodge has no shortage of restaurants and you can find some of the best authentic Korean food in the state of Iowa at Gaga & Hoo. Refreshing white kimchi was served first with its familiar sourness, cool texture, and slight spiciness. We also had a bowl of seafood soup served with tender udon noodles and breaded shrimp on the side. Next up was the Dolsot Bibimbap. A traditional Korean delight of warm white rice, Bulgogi beef, seasoned veggies, and topped with a sunny side egg. All this is served in a scorching hot bowl that keeps this dish piping hot through the whole meal. Ashton and the crew kept us entertained and provided a lot of advice when it came to the menu. Great job, Team GagaHoo!

*Our stay at the Best Western Starlite Village was complimentary and the views expressed are of our own. Now, let’s get back to Gallivanting!

You can’t Gallivant properly and be exhausted at the same time. The Best Western-Starlite Village has been a fantastic host for us since 2015. We stayed over two nights here in their spacious and comfortable rooms just outside of the much needed swimming pool. A warm home away from home with…yes that’s right…the original Die Hard arcade game, baby! The travel budget could have been easily depleted here and I was a good boy. The staff is always great when we visit and they made us wanting to come back again!

We went to visit an icon for breakfast here in Fort Dodge and we most likely will with every visit. Zakeer’s Family Restaurant has been a Webster County institution since the 60’s and with one bite, you’ll see why. You will feel the history and family pride when you eat here that comes with friendly service. Homemade corned beef hash with the much anticipated sausage gravy and over easy eggs. Huge butter pancakes. And a breakfast wrap with plenty ham, scrambled eggs, cheese, bell peppers, onion and salsa. This is a must try if you’re searching for a great Fort Dodge breakfast.

Who’s ready to be 20 again? Fort Dodge is!

Later that day, I had the pleasure to speak at another wonderful Time To Be 20 Again Conference. This time, it was hosted by the Fort Dodge Convention & Visitors Bureau at the Fort Museum & Frontier Village Opera House. We had a great crowd on this day with folks from Fort Dodge and beyond to hear about how great Historic US Route 20 is and how important it will always be for Iowans. The history of Old 20 is embraced by many and the future of this historic route can be felt by many more as we start to unveil our fun promotion all throughout 2019. Fort Dodge has played a key part in this highways history and there will be plenty of travelers discovering this historic Iowa town moving forward. Time To Be 20 Again, Gallivant nation!

Thank you to Kerrie Kuiper of the Fort Dodge CVB for helping us have another great weekend in this historic city. We’ll see you again and often!
fort mu
What a great venue! Thank you to The Fort Museum for supplying us with there beautiful Opera House for our Time To Be 20 Again conference. This banquet facility is something everyone should check out if you’re in need of a meeting space, party, reception and much more!


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