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Fighting Off Winter & Winning in Fort Dodge, Iowa-Part One of Two

That’s how you take on winter!

Fort Dodge, Iowa: Webster County

It’s the last days of winter and you know you’re feeling a little cooped up. You can continue to hibernate or figure out a way to show this long winter how take it on and head into the Spring primed and ready for action and the folks in Webster County want you to “Find Your Adventure in Fort Dodge.” We did!

Iowa’s tallest mural can be the whole reason you make the trip to Fort Dodge. One of the newest and already one of the most amazing pieces of roadside Americana.

Fort Dodge’s Silo Mural is getting international attention and it’s bringing visitors to this town to see one of the country’s best pieces of art anywhere. Prior to the silo’s completion, Fort Dodge was already a leader in public art, here in Iowa, and this HUGE addition is even more amazing in person. The view of this silo is perfect from every angle, especially as you enjoy a beverage at Amigo’s right across the street. Tacos, cold ones, and a giant mural. Full day right there!

One of Iowa’s oldest art museums is right here in Fort Dodge. Blanden Memorial Art Museum and we happened to come on a day that they were featuring Iowa artists and we had a good friend waiting for us. My friend, Ashley, was a subject in a Thomas Jackson piece and it was an unexpected meet up for us as we strolled room to room. The Blanden is an Iowa treasure trove of beautiful artwork from around the world that features well known and emerging artists. Absorbing your local museums is one of the best ways to get out and stay indoors at the same time during the winter months.

How about some refreshing Iowa craft beer to satisfy your artistic side! Shiny Top Brewing had the taps flowing and their jalapeno popper pizza on special. They love featuring local artists all over their brewery and keep it rotating all year long. Their Axe and Ladder Ale had the right amount of creaminess. That’s how you manage an art tour, right there!

How about a little culinary artistry to end the afternoon! Tea Thyme/Thyme to Shop has a bevy of delicious food with plenty of ways to get some gift shopping done at the same time. Homemade meatloaf for this papa bear with plenty of mashed potatoes and gravy. I even ate my carrots like a big boy! Next up was some of the best chicken salad around with a healthy side of pasta salad. A little kick from the white chocolate-peppermint cappuccino was one of the best ideas they had here and it was impossible not to order it with the temps dropping outside. You know what else is a purdy site?

*Our stay at the Best Western-Starlite Village was complimentary and the opinions expressed are of our own. Now, let’s get back to Gallivanting!

I love buzzing around town and exploring as much as the next dude, but I also love a warm hotel room and a way to get a cannonball in just steps away from it. The Starlite Village gave us the comfortable shelter we needed and it was our central headquarters for our weekend in Fort Dodge. I had no problem snoozing into the next morning in the great room we had. The staff did a wonderful job of greeting us with a warm Webster County welcome and that warmth stayed with us the entire time here. How’s that for part one! Stay tuned, Gallivant nation, because you’re going to love what we have next here in Fort Dodge, Iowa!

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