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Historic, Scenic & Beautiful- B&Bs, Cabins, Lodges & Houseboats for Your Valentine

*This time we’re celebrating some of our favorite places to kickback, relax and enjoy a solid night of lodging. Time to get back to Gallivanting as the Official On the Road Ambassador for Linder Tire Service!

Some of the greatest gifts can be ones that you give to someone clear down the road. Sure, flowers, chocolates and a beautiful dinner are great. Have you ever given someone a road trip? Make your plans now to show your Valentine how much you love them by getting them on the road and shacking up at some of the most memorable places we’ve experienced during our Gallivants. The whole list is long, but we’ve narrowed it down to 7 places we think you’re going to love!

*Our stay at these places were complimentary and the views of these properties are of our own.

Tuck U Inn at Glick Mansion-Atchison, KS

A mansion is awaiting you in one of the most haunted towns in America.

This B&B is truly one of the most beautiful of its kind anywhere in the Midwest. The Victorian era comes alive at the mansion of former Kansas Governor, George W. Glick, in the historic town of Atchison. No ghosts or haunting has been reported at the Glick, but you’ll love the exquisite rooms and hospitality.

S&S Boat Rentals-Lansing, IA

Scenic, wavy and one of the most unique areas of Iowa.

They’re not open in the winter, but don’t wait until the last minute for a trip during beautiful summer days and weekends. Make a reservation now and go from there. Lansing, Iowa, is right on the Upper Mississippi and in the middle of the majestic Driftless Area. One of the Midwest’s most beautiful regions. Your spacious houseboat will have plenty of bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a fully functional galley, living room and dining areas. That’s just the inside! Enjoy a patio on deck and above. A slide on the back to take a dip with plenty of chairs and tables to enjoy the inspiring surrounding bluffs and one of the best sunset experiences in Iowa.

Connie’s Century Corner-Cresco, IA

Small town Northeast Iowa just keeps producing beauty in every way.

Just a short walk to Cresco’s business district is this stunning B&B. Connie’s does an amazing job of making you want to never leave the perfectly decorated house, but you have some Cresco to see! Take a stroll and have dinner, drinks and good times in one or several terrific establishments in this Howard County gem.

Whitetail Cabin-Decorah, IA

Noticing a trend? We love visiting the wildness of Northeast Iowa and Decorah is one of the most scenic towns in Iowa. Whitetail Cabin has two stories with a bedroom on the top level and a great lower level with futons, flat screen TV and plenty of ways to just relax your way through this stay. A full kitchen, dining area and its only a few minutes from Downtown Decorah!

Lauritsen Lodge-Exira, IA

A towering lodge that has the feel of a family cabin in Audubon County.

Audubon County has a famous park that has been slowly swallowing a plow. The popular piece of Roadside Americana know as the Plow in the Oak has a lodge that shadows onlookers. The cabin-like feeling is a very modern lodge. Fireplaces, spacious rooms, large porch, sparkling kitchen with some of the best equipment you’ll ever cook on. If you want to get out in the country, but not sacrifice your modern needs, than you need to get to Exira and fall in love with the Lauritsen.

The Corn Crib-Indianola, IA

What do you do with an old corn crib that’s in bad shape and about to collapse from nearly sliding down the hill. Easy. Refurbish it and make it into THE Corn Crib B&B. One of the most jaw dropping buildings we’ve seen on our adventures and it’s perfect for the traveling couple who wants a B&B feel in a place all to themselves or small group of friends. This is just a few minutes from Downtown Indianola with plenty of options to keep you all entertained.

Dodici Night Suites-Washington, IA

One of Iowa’s premier Italian restaurants is located on the Washington town square and that’s not all you can add to your dinner bill. Take Dodici up on their remastered rooms above the restaurant in this historic building. One of the best meals you’ll have in the area should have a fantastic suite waiting for you when you’re finished.

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*Linder Tire Service is the sponsor of the content on this blog post. The views expressed are of our own.

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