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Fireplace+Full Bar+Hot Breakfast: Winter Relief at Hilton Garden Inn-Cedar Falls

*The winter weather wasn’t going to keep us away from another grownup getaway! Our stay at the Hilton Garden Inn-Cedar Falls was complimentary. The views expressed are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Just 36 hours to the polar vortex. This spot is the very island you search for in situations like this and it came in handy during a stay at Hilton Garden Inn-CF. 7213 Nordic Drive

Cedar Falls, IA: Black Hawk County

Between the blizzards are windows of opportunity to get out and tackle winter in your own way that makes the cabin fever sensation subside. Our last trip to Cedar Falls was a memorable one with all the restaurants, breweries, and the constant bravery of the elements. Sounds heroic, I know. However, we made sure we spent plenty of down time in our suite at the Hilton Garden Inn-Cedar Falls. You’ll see why in an instant when you notice what’s roaring.

We weren’t joking about the snowy conditions. HGI had no problems keeping us warm, comfortable, entertained, warm, cozy, warm, fed, hydrated, warm…

Hilton Garden Inn-Cedar Falls is just minutes from everything in the Cedar Falls and Waterloo areas. Like I said before, you can have a lot of great times in Black Hawk County, but HGI has its way to keep you anchored in the confines of their premium hotel.

The lobby has plenty of sunlight pouring into the windows giving you that energizing feel as you stroll through. Sure, you want to check in, but take a load off on one of the comfy chairs or sofas while the hero in the group unloads the luggage. You deserve it! Once the the kind and very professional staff of the front desk gets you set, you should ask them about their town. We let the locals guide us on every gallivant and they didn’t disappoint with their suggestions. While you make your way to your room, you’ll see plenty of great photos that just whisper Iowa. Ever see that scene in Dead Poets Society when Robin Williams is saying “Carpe Diem”? That’s what I was going for.

Suuuuure, you can get ready for the indoor pool or fitness room. Or, hear me out. We just melt into the amazing suite. Make some coffee, chill some beers, throw some popcorn in the microwave and become a master in the art of relaxation. Remember what I said about roaring? That fireplace became my best friend and I don’t care who just read that.  Cuz it’s true and real friends are honest. The room was gleaming and our little piggies felt the warmth of the fire all night long.

One thing that will get me out of my room is beer. Hilton Garden Inn has plenty of taps including some local pulls coming your way. A great dinner menu awaits if you want to stay in, along with a full bar if you’re needing a little more libation.

That sunlight came back in the morning and it illuminated the full breakfast bar. Scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, yogurt, toast, cereal….you know where this is going. Get your day started here with a plate piled high with all your favorites! That hot coffee again. It just keeps showing up and it can crash our windchill filled weekends anytime.

A quick sock warmer before taking on the day. I told you our little piggies stayed warm here!

The entire crew here at HGI-CF made our stay a pleasurable one and we knew they would. Our experiences have always been great at HGI properties and the Cedar Falls location is no different. We can’t thank them enough for the suite and…did we mention we loved the fireplace? Yea, that was awesome!

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