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The Historic Stay at the Black Hawk-Cedar Falls, Iowa: A Main Street Anchor

*We gallivant all over the Midwest and we’re lucky to stay in wonderful places. Our night at the Black Hawk was complimentary and the views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Bring on more rounds of winter because we have a historically amazing way to stay warm in style on Main Street-Cedar Falls. 115 Main Street

Downtown Cedar Falls: Black Hawk County

Stay in or go out? Travel or hunker down? Want to go out, but don’t want to drive? All this is possible during the long winter if you make your destination Downtown Cedar Falls! We like to say “travel local” more often. There’s plenty to see in your own backyard including exquisite places like the historic Black Hawk Hotel. Travelers from all over the US and world have discovered this beauty and now its time even more folks to check in and treat yourself like an out-of-towner who’s ready for a night on the town!

When we walked into the lobby of the Black Hawk, we were hit with an instant rush of history and we immediately felt the appreciation of this 166 year old icon. The Black Hawk, America’s oldest continuously operated hotel, is just a few strides from Historic US Route 20, America’s longest highway. The front desk staff took care of us right away with the Iowa hospitality we’re used to. The genuine smiles we received made it the official start to our stay at the Black Hawk.

Time to check in with this blast from the past.

When was the last time you were handed an actual key for your room rather that a plastic card? This touch of nostalgia always brings a giant smile to my face when my keys jingle rather than make a “snap” as they hit the front desk. A simple, and yet very effective reminder, that you’re in one of the oldest hotels you’ll ever stay in.

The hallways make you feel like you’re walking through a Victorian era time capsule with antique items, books, and furniture. There is also an abundance of period art honoring this era with modern works mixed in. Be sure to wander every corridor, common area and staircase while you’re here as the Black Hawk turns into an unofficial Cedar Valley museum.

Room #219 of the Black Hawk was our shield from the elements with its plentiful option to keep you relaxed. Comfortable bed with heavy blankets. A tub with massaging jets waiting for plenty of bubble bath in its hot water. And the final touch, a soft robe to keep you bundled up as you take over your room. All this makes you want to stay in, but the action on Main Street below might call to you from the overlook in your room. The housekeeping crew turns this into a sparkling stay each time and there always the familiar feeling that you’re in a one of a kind hotel. Victorian Iowa is waiting for you in Cedar Falls and its one of the best ways to enjoy the winter and anytime of year. Something tells me your special little Valentine could use a trip here. (Wink-Wink)

Thank you to everyone at the Black Hotel for making our grownup getaway to Cedar Falls one of the best weekends we’ve had during our gallivants. Here’s to another 166 years in Downtown Cedar Falls! (Picture from the Black Hawk Hotel website)

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