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Winter Grownup Getaway: Downtown Cedar Falls-Part One of Two

When you’re wondering what to do in a harsh stretch of January….go north, of course!

Cedar Falls, IA: Black Hawk County

Along came old man winter and countless of us hunkered down for what was seen as a brutal stretch. And, oh boy, was it ever. We saw the Polar Vortex coming for about a week and we knew there was a window of traveling to tackle before it hit. Night one in historic Downtown Cedar Falls was calling with a warm hotel room, warm breweries, warm restaurants and warm hospitality from one of the greatest Main Street’s in America. This is Cedar Falls and it’s just off of Historic HWY 20! Your cross country road trip on America’s longest highway needs to experience this place! Keep scrolling and you’ll see why….

Brewery stop #1 was Second State Brewing and that’s how you start an Iowa urban night. Or rural. Or suburban. Hell, even unincorporated because breweries are springing up in this state year after year and Cedar Falls is home to some great ones. Get the flights pouring here and don’t look back.

Breaded and big chicken wings with more cold beers at the Horny Toad! Right on the corner of 2nd and Main with their great music, tasty menu and large selection brews and a winding full bar of professionals ready to mix anything you want. Are you finding out how to keep warm yet? Here’s another way to pass the time during these cold stretches and enjoy yourself with a little Mexican kick!

This is just a reminder that all these places are just steps away from each other including Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant! The beers are flowing, the spicy queso dip is hit and the cool bowls of guacamole are ready for perfect for fresh tortilla chips. That video above will change your life forever and it’s the only way I can eat these together. Bring on the snow if I’m going to have easy access to all of that!

One last stroll down Main Street before diving into our hotel room because the craft beers aren’t going to find their way into our hands by themselves. Lark Brewing’s Crab Cake Cannonballs made quite the impact (see what I did there) with craft beer lining up the bar in front of us. Their Bacon Melt was one of the easiest choices of the night because melted cheese and bacon-style grilled cheese….I don’t need say another thing. Live music, endless beers, crab fritters and as you can see in the growler pic above, blue skies all night long.

*Our stay at the Black Hawk Hotel was complimentary. The views expressed are of our own. Now, let’s get back to Gallivanting!

The historic, beautiful and stunning Black Hawk Hotel is one of the anchors of Downtown Cedar Falls and it’s close to everything on and near Main Street. Treat yourself to the accommodations here and sink into the artwork all over the hotel on every level and in your room. Take that slow entry into the large bathtub and wrap yourself in their cozy robes. All this is ready for you while you overlook one of the greatest downtown’s in the Midwest from the window of your room.

Just a little closer…a little closer…THERE! You just arrived to Downtown Cedar Falls! Now, let’s go over your lines….

What do want when it comes to a night out with that lovely partner of yours or even if you are traveling in flocks? I know what I want and that’s a high concentration of restaurants, beverage depots, shopping, and a hotel all with in feet of each other. A bonus is not having to go terribly far for all of these. I seek and love the glam of the cities of millions, but I don’t hopscotch past the towns like Cedar Falls and the great times places like this can produce. Drive 5-6 hours to party or explore what you can take in much closer and meet a host of locals that are eager to see you over and over. Many that read this pride themselves in shopping local, drinking local and eating local. Let’s add travel local to that list and discover what’s just around the corner. Folks abroad will see your excitement and genuine happiness and start putting this amazing district on their “must- see” lists more and more when you do. How’s this for part one!

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