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Big Country Fried Steaks, Big Buffalo Burgers, Big Breakfast & Big BLTs: Leavenworth, Kansas-Part One

This city has seen explorers, pioneers, and just about every type of visitor you can imagine. Let’s discover Leavenworth one meal at a time!

Leavenworth, KS: Leavenworth County (Our 2nd Kansas County)

Breakfast on the Historic Santa Fe

Exploring the Missouri River makes me really super hungry! I’m checking with my R&D department to see if that was an actual quote from the Lewis & Clark Journals. I am now being notified that it is not, but we’re searching more archives. That’s quite enough of my hilarious wit, so let’s get to this gallivant!

Did “Big Breakfast” reel you in from the title? Well, The Depot pulled us in when we heard locals tell us about their infamous donut muffins! You gotta love a place that has warm appetizers ready for breakfast! Our jubilant server wasn’t letting us leave with one of their massive cinnamon rolls either. Sounds like we’re done, right? No way, because the Benedict and hash was calling! Perfectly poached eggs topped with rich hollandaise and served over a huge plate of smoked corned beef and another with pulled smoked chicken. Both seasoned potatoes and caramelized onions. They had great pride in both their food, fixed from scratch and deliciously made with as much local ingredients as possible, as well as the rich history of their location. That’s how you start a day in Leavenworth!

The Good Captain’s Coffeehouse

Some of the biggest cookies, best donuts, legendary sandwiches, and gourmet coffee can be found at Meriwether’s and that’s not something we’re passing up. This is a very popular place for locals and there’s plenty to choose from here. You can even get some bulk shopping done for your pantry while you wait for your coffee or pop upstairs and find a treasure to bring home! Do not pass on their chocolate chip cookies here. That’s pretty much a rule you should always go by anyway.

“The Little Steakhouse Across From the Big House”

How about a wonderful steakhouse- with buffalo grazing in a pasture behind you while one of the most intimidating federal penitentiary’s dominates the landscape while you dine one your meal. Only in Leavenworth, Kansas my friends and only at the Metropolitan Steakhouse! Lunch time for us has never had a view like this and our selections were on point. I hope the buffalo behind me didn’t mind the burger I chose because it was loaded with blue cheese, bacon, jalapenos, and more, all on a juicy charbroiled buffalo patty. Coming in from the right is a giant chicken fried steak with stunning county gravy, mashers and Kansas sweet corn. Let the video below give a little more description of this unique “Steakhouse Across From the Big House”

That’s how you have lunch in Leavenworth! Meaty, hearty, hot and delicious. Right down to the spicy little tater-tots!

Leavenworth on the Spicy Side

Dinner time rolled up on us and we wanted spicy! Baan Thai brought the heat and gave us the energy boost for our evening gallivant in Leavenworth! Spicy red curry sauteed with fresh green beans and tender shrimp on the bottom right and it was sizzling. And like all great Thai restaurants they had the beautiful curried soup with a coconut milk base and long bites of rice noodles and more of that tasty shrimp.

Late Night Local Brews

When was the last time you enjoyed a beer on an airplane wing? If you have done this before I hope that it was at Grinders High Noon Brewery and not while taking off from a runway. But, I’d like to hear that story if you have and please contact JayJay at The Iowa Gallivant to setup an interview. In the meantime, let’s enjoy late night bites here at Grinders! Pizza by the slice on some of the best crust you’ll ever have and naturally it goes great with Kansas craft beer. What doesn’t go well with Kansas craft beer? We had just enough room for a very memorable and tasty BLT as well. Grinders has the Cali-BLT with candied bacon, fresh avocado, lettuce, tomato, chipotle aioli and served on toasted wheat berry bread and you feel like a champion while you eat it. That’s how a one of a kind BLT smacks you up side the mouth in a good way.

No passing gas here at Grinders, but by all means right on our walls. House rules are house rules, folks.

Coffee-Up Again and Often

Scooter’s waved goodbye to us as we left Leavenworth but not before handing us over my go-to large iced coffee with two shots of espresso. Like everyone we met on this trip the baristas here were enjoying themselves and showing us how Leavenworth takes care of their visitors. We ate well here and this was just a little of what the first city in Kansas has to offer.. that sounds like a return gallivant is in order!

Thank you to Kristi Lee of Visit Leavenworth for hosting us! We had a blast so get ready for Part 2 of our recent adventure to this historic city!

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