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A Mansion of a B&B: Time to Tuck U Inn-Atchison, Kansas-Part Two

*Our stay at the Tuck U Inn was complimentary and the opinions expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

A former Kansas Governor called Atchison home and his family mansion is now a must see on your B&B bucket list! 503 North 2nd Street 913-367-9110

Atchison, KS: Atchison County

History, food, travel, beautiful architecture, and locals. These are what we love about our crazy travel blog more than anything. We found a lot to do in our recent trip to Eastern Kansas and we know we only began to discover the greatness of Atchison. We love exploring, but if 100% of our gallivant was spent at Tuck U Inn at Glick Mansion, we’d still be talking about how amazing our trip was. Here’s why we genuinely loved this B&B…..

The hilly city of Atchison is known for some the most historic neighborhoods in the Midwest and the area the Glick Mansion resides in doesn’t disappoint with its homes dripping with Victorian era history. The Glick towers over the nearby road, of it’s corner lot, and makes you feel welcomed from the moment you walk up the steps and through the summer landscaping.

From the parlor to the patio, this B&B shows how you can relax and completely immerse yourself in a time far from where you’re actually existing. This is the splendor that not every place you stay at can provide.

Every room is wonderfully decorated with its own decor ranging in sizes for singles and couples to larger gatherings coming to Atchinson. The upstairs room can comfortably fit a small group looking for one of those getaways we all need. Ladies….I’m talking to you. Ditch your plans for a weekend and get your crew to the Glick!

Our home for the weekend was the First Lady’s Room. The actual bedroom of Mr and Mrs Governor George Glick and it was beyond what we imagined it would be like. Fresh roses awaiting our arrival, beautiful furniture, luxurious king size bed and all the comfort that could make you want to move here. And check out that bathroom! It was in my wedding vows from 16 years ago that I promised my wife that we’d be in a place with our own fireplace in a bathroom. I did good job. I did good.

When the seasons change, so do some of the courses for breakfast at Tuck U Inn. We had the summer selection of a refreshing sorbet that Tuck U Inn calls their Melon Frisson. Icy and made with a sugared rim and garnished with fresh mint and raspberry. Hot coffee and tea are poured while you enjoy homemade quiche, tender potatoes w/ fresh asparagus, and a pipping hot apricot turnover. All in stunning early morning surroundings. This mansion turned B&B is one of the best ways to spend a visit in Atchison. Your vacations, getaways and road trips are important. Let’s make the Tuck U Inn happen!

Thank you for hosting us, Chris and Loman! We loved your company and your B&B is truly a Kansas treasure!

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