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Never Ghost Hunt On an Empty Stomach: Atchison, Kansas-Part One

The Kansas takeover of The Iowa Gallivant started here! Let’s do this Atchison!

Maria Miller from Visit Atchison put up with us during our gallivant and we couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Let’s eat!

Atchison, KS: Atchison County (Our First Kansas County!)

You have an itch? Scratch it! You have a special niche? Scratch it! On The Iowa Gallivant we have a saying called “Scratch Where it Niche’es”. It pulls against the grammatical senses you may have and I’m totally fine with that. We have expanded our blogging territory and Eastern Kansas welcomed us in with one of the most niche gallivants to date. Get that big wooden scratcher out because one of the most unique trips anyone can take is on the banks of America’s longest river. Before we discover the hauntings and history we dine!

Breakfast & Backup Breakfast

Burritos are the most important part of the day. Which is why they’re appropriate during any situation I can possibly imagine. Got a job interview? Better have a burrito first. Kids want dinner at 4:15pm cuz that’s what Meemaw and Peepaw do. Burritos. Gearing up to tour Amelia Earhart’s birthplace, call out some ghosts at a a few haunted houses later in the day? Better have a burrito. Mr. G’s  has a lot to choose from and the breakfast burritos landed on our plates. Bottom left is the Smoked Sausage Hog Wild for the pork lover in you and for the spicy side, you have the Dynamite on the right. That’s how you start a morning off in Eastern Kansas!

The Sunflower knew we were on a much needed grownup getaway which means that they had the cold Kansas craft beers and cocktails waiting for us. Also on full display is some of the greatest pecan rolls you’ll ever find anywhere. It’s an old family recipe that The Sunflower calls Grandpa’s Bacon Butts and you better watch the video below and see how Katie describes these. Just a hint….We loved them!

My 90ish New Best Friend

When entering our lunch destination, I was greeted by a local that asked “Who is this big handsome fella walking in?” I knew she had to be talking about me, right?

You want an old fashion soda fountain and stick to your ribs lunch in the same place your’re shopping for gifts and antiques? Well, then Gateway to Kansas has all of that plus some of the favorite locals we’ve ever met. The classic loose meat sandwich known as the Big ‘T’ can be enjoyed with tons of cheese sauce here along with their breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. They heard we were from Iowa and said they can compete with these sandwich staples in Kansas too. Challenge accepted! With lunch devoured we shopped the vintage and antique aisles of Gateway and discovered a creepy doll and some gifts for our loved ones. How’s that for a wide spectrum! The baby doll stayed there.

An Afternoon Snack-The Biggest in NE-KS

So, yea let’s go with something lite, Maria. She knew that meant Iowa Gallivant code for “I want something huge, sugary, creamy, and I also want a banana too.” That means we’re heading to the Snowball 8th Street Cafe and just wow. WOW! The biggest banana split in Northeast Kansas and sharing this is very much optional. Get two! The owner served it up for us and you could tell just how proud they were of the whole operation. From the gourmet ice cream to the build your own grilled cheese sandwiches. Now we really have your attention! Better get to Snowball soon and often…

The Greatest Vodka Meets Supreme Broasted Chicken-Italian Style in A Haunted Restaurant

When was the last time you heard vodka, good’ole fashion Midwest broasted chicken and Italian restaurant in one breath? If you’re from Atchison, Kansas this is what you’re used to hearing from Paolucci’s. It’s considered to be one of the most haunted restaurants in America, according to the Travel Channel, and if you ask the locals, its one of the best places to get the best chicken in America. We ordered that very dish and it held up to the hype. Especially when it’s paired with a house made twice baked potato. Also making an appearance was Paolucci’s “A Taste of Italy”! A huge portion of rigatoni pasta topped with rich meat sauce, meatballs and Italian sausage. If that wasn’t enough, we had martinis and Bloody Mary’s mixed with local and award winning Till American Wheat Vodka. How’s that for a smooooooth dinner!

Kansas Nightcap

That’s two very happy gallivanters and you can see why. A long day of discovering Atchison and finding oodles of great food along the way. There’s always time for one more stop before calling it a night and Willie’s Sports Pub had the local Kansas brews cold and ready. America’s bread basket always has plenty homegrown beer to add to that basket and we couldn’t be more happy about that. Goodnight!

Governor’s Mansion Turned B&B

*Our stay at the Tuck U Inn at Glick Mansion was complimentary and the opinions expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s get back to gallivanting!

Eat your heart out daytime game show models. A large man from Iowa in bibs is gearing up to take your job!

One of….Thee….Most….Beautiful…B&Bs….Ever! Yes, I said it and I mean it. Tuck U Inn at Glick Mansion is magnificent from the moment you park, to the moment you check-in, to the moment you see your room for the first time and many moments there after.

The sun room was set up in the most luxurious way possible making us feel like we were in a Victorian era setting. Fresh coffee and hot tea awaited our arrival along with three courses of breakfast. A watermelon sorbet started off the meal with a sugared rim and fresh mint and raspberry. Up next was apricot turnover served perfectly hot to counter the cool sensation from the sorbet. Last was a cheesy spinach-bacon quiche accompanied with tender red potatoes and asparagus. All seasoned with herbs grown just outside the windows from the comfortable sun room. The video below shows how much fun you can have here at the Glick.

We’ve given you the tasty side of Atchison that only we experienced in one trip. Trust me, there’s even more to take in that we didn’t get to and it’s all waiting for us when we return. Our trip was amazing and total pun intended…this was only a sample. Stay tuned because our Atchison attraction has only begun to be described…..Haunting and history awaits….

Thank you to Maria Miller of Visit Atchison for hosting us. This is only part one of our trip here and I can’t wait to publish the next adventure!

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