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Total Providence in Denison, Iowa

*Our stay at the Providence Inn was complimentary and the opinions expressed on this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

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If you love historic houses then you need to get Crawford County, IA on your map. This 1906 Victorian home is now an alluring B&B’s you’ll ever see. 1517 1st Avenue South 712-263-5548

Denison, IA: Crawford County

We obviously love traveling here on The Iowa Gallivant and we have seen some amazing towns and been lodged in some of the most beautiful places you’ll see anywhere. Our summer trip to Denison, Iowa, provided one of the most memorable stays we’ve ever had. The Providence Inn was a Bed and Breakfast that floored us with pure beauty from the moment we walked in.


Sign in, play some tunes on the piano, and start a relaxing stay at the Providence Inn. The decor takes you into a time of luxury from yesteryear and it’s all in small town Western Iowa. Guests can kickback in the parlor, on the porch, living room or in some of the most amazing bedrooms you can experience.


These are just some of the rooms at the Providence Inn and each one is incredible in its own unique way. I did one of those loud gasps and did that twirl you see in the opening scene of “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music” when I saw these rooms for the first time. I didn’t make dresses and lederhosen out of the drapes though. Maybe next time, though! (My HR department has just informed me that it would not be good idea to do this without strict permission from the owner and that scissors are dangerous and I tend to run with them… so bad idea)


Breakfast is always the headliner at B&Bs and the Providence Inn is no different. A delicious French toast bake topped with fresh strawberries, plenty of syrup and whip cream to make it tower over the sausage links on their fine China. And look at the collection! The dining area made you feel as welcomed as a state visit with a royal family from your favorite country. Seriously, you pick the royals…It’s your day at the bed and breakfast! We loved every exquisite minute here and we’re quite confident you will too. It’s a beautiful life in Denison and Crawford County and The Providence Inn is one of the reasons.

Thank you to the Zenk family for hosting us. They have made The Providence Inn into a destination B&B and turned it into one of the most beautiful of its kind in Iowa.

Click here for the Providence Inn website

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  1. What a lovely review. I grew up in Denison and rode by that house on my bike on the way to the pool. I have always loved it and my Mom who still lives in Denison says they have restored it beautifully. I need to check it out!

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