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The Towering Lauritsen Lodge: County of Audubon-Part 3

*Our stay at the Lauritsen Lodge was complimentary. The opinions expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s get back to gallivanting!

A towering lodge that skyrockets from the Audubon County farmland and ready to host your visit to the area. 3013 HWY 71 712-431-9750

Exira, IA: Audubon County

Lauritsen Lodge is one of the most unique landmarks you will see in Audubon County and it’s right next to one of Iowa’s most unique roadside wonders. You need a road trip, folks, now is the time to get one scheduled and relax the day away in the Exira countryside.

Outside the backdoor of the lodge is the infamous Plow in the Oak Tree. A plow left behind by the Union Army during the Civil War was eventually absorbed by the Oak it was leaning against and the rest is roadside Americana history. This is also a hot spot for the Geocaching app. This is a popular activity for travelers where you use the app for an ultimate scavenger hunt. Don’t tell me you’re not looking up Geocaching right now.

Like I said, there is plenty of places to relax at Lauritsen Lodge. Comfortable and spacious bedrooms with flat screen TVs and full bathrooms with all the modern amenities. A large living room joining the dining area with even more TVs. The patio and it’s rustic furniture looks over the Plow in the Oak Park. The sites and sounds of rural Iowa at it’s best are felt here. I can see why that plow wasn’t in a hurry to leave.

This amazing lodge has all you need for a short stay and even a very long one. A full kitchen may entice you to stay inside and cook for everyone with it’s state of the are equipment and plenty of cast iron to give your culinary mastery some beautiful flavor that will have the feel of the outdoors that’s what this lodge specializes in. You know what else may get you to stay in…..Having that meal right by the fireplace. There’s a lot to see in the area and no one in Audubon County would blame you for diving into this lodge and take it easy during your stay. However, you may want to explore just a little more…

On second thought…..Let’s experience the wonders, history and flavors of Audubon County!

We can’t thank our incredible hosts enough. The Lauristen Lodge was an absolute marvel and we hope to see you again very soon. You truly have an amazing lodge that makes us feel kike we’re home.

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