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Iowa’s Four Corners, A New Rose w/ Tex-Mex Sunday Brunch: County of Audubon-Part 2

We’re just getting warmed up here in Audubon! Welcome to round 2!

Audubon, IA: Audubon County

The area just kept producing one great time after another. This includes a big bucket list item checked off for me that’s right in the middle of my favorite part of Iowa. The off the beaten path destination. Through miles and miles of rural Audubon County gravel roads, you’ll find Iowa’s most famous Cottonwood tree. A true giant in the Iowa countryside.

Towering over the farmland is this amazing rural scene. Simply know as The Tree in the Road.

Seeing pictures of this beautiful Cottonwood is nothing like the experience of staring at it face to face. The story told is that in the mid 1800’s a stick was placed here to mark the boundary of Cass and Audubon Counties. No one expected we’d have a breathtaking roundabout for years to come. The landscape surrounding this tree creates memories you can only find here in West Central Iowa. Make your own memories here and let the imagination take flight.

Are you getting the feeling that they do things really big here?

Ask directions to this landmark if you must, but something tells me you won’t miss it if you find yourself in the town of Audubon. Albert has been welcoming folks for decades and he is one of the most photogenic bulls you’re ever going to see. Rule # 5,789 of The Iowa Gallivant…Thou shall always break for roadside America.

Brunch is in the title, so let’s get to it! El Adobe is right on Broadway in downtown Audubon and I hope you can get to this place on a Sunday. They have many of the their all day menu items available including some delicious brunch selections like jaw dropping selections above. Fluffy pancakes topped with bananas, strawberries, and sweetened condensed milk. This will be some of the tastiest and richest flapjacks you’re ever going to have, so make it happen. Next up was El Adobe’s Huevos Rancheros! A quesadilla with refried beans, cheese and chorizo sausage topped with fresh avocado, fresh salsa, two eggs and crumbled cotija cheese. This is worth the trip and or the extra night in Audubon just to make it here for brunch.

We all love the movies and Audubon has taken their local theater to a whole new level. The Rose Theater has just completed a renovation of the century and this historic landmark is now state of the art for the modern day movie goer. The Rose still holds true to its classic image of a proud small town theater, all the while utilizing incredible technology with one of the best sound systems you’re going to experience anywhere. Open Friday and Saturday nights with a matinee on Sundays. Not only will you be supporting this theater, you’ll be seeing the proud work of the area’s volunteers that made this happen. We Gallivant for many reasons and that last sentence is one that ranks towards the top.

Stay tuned…..This is only part two! We have more coming, but don’t forget to click on Part One and see the kayaking Corgi and one of the most amazing lodges in Iowa!

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