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Scouting RAGBRAI-2018: Sigourney w/ Extra Syrup & 47 Years of Expert Pizza

This town square is ready for a RAGBRAI party to rule all town square parties!

Sigourney, Iowa: Keokuk County

What will you be filling up on during RAGBRAI? I know we say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when you’re peddling across Iowa, it’s even more important. Let’s get right to this meal as we scout Overnight #6! Pass the syrup, Sigourney.



Travel Iowa has a great project called 99 Counties, 99 Restaurants and You’ll be able to experience several of them on this year’s route. Miller’s kitchen in Onawa, Cronk’s Cafe in Denison, The Lucky Pig in Ogden, Hickory Park in Ames, Kalona Brewing Company in Kalona, and Sigourney Cafe right here in Sigourney! We love great meals while meeting great locals and our time here in Keokuk County gave us plenty of those. Roma may not be the starting Center for the hometown basketball team, but she knows how to be a giant in the dining room. She brought the speedy service with the sense of humor we love here in Iowa. And yes, she made sure we had enough syrup for the French toast and the bacon.


There’s many steps to take when making one of Iowa’s best pizza pies. George’s Pizza & Steakhouse is right on the town square and George has been making his fresh pizza dough for over 47 years and it’s going to be on full display for the RAGBRAI nation. The fresh dough meets freshly sliced mozzarella (not pre-shredded..nope not here), meets fresh toppings and you get one of the tastiest pizzas anywhere. What else makes it so great? The time and care that pours into the food everyday. That and a lot of fun especially when the camera is on. Prepare to fall in love with George and Rosemary!


Now ask yourself this….You want a pizza from George or a tenderloin from Rosemary? That’s a very unfair question so get both!


All hale the seasonal ice cream shop and their classic fare that goes with them! Sigourney has a very popular summertime staple known as the Walk-Er Drive Thru on West Jackson Street. They have all those beautiful ice cream selections you want to cool down with and plenty of hot food from the fryers and grill coming your way. I recommend the chili dog loaded with as much as you can get on there. Juicy, spicy, cheesy and very meaty!

Coffee-Up & Cool Down


Another town square must see is Barn Wired with there talented baristas and a whole lot more. Not only can you get your coffee fix here, you can also get fresh donuts and pastries, sandwiches, local craft beers and get some much needed gifts shipped out to your loved ones or that little somethin’ for yourself. Plenty of tables here and very comfy couches in the back.


My favorite way to soak up complimentary AC is to shop in local stores and you’ll find some great ones on Sigourney’s town square. The Antiques and Flea Market Mall had us pulled in from the front window and wouldn’t let go. I nearly had 30 or more 80’s/90’s kid flashbacks here and I nearly broke down in a river of nostalgic tears. That was a very dramatic sentence and I will take my award for “Over the Top Writing by a Blogger”, and thank you very much.



You’ll find the bars and the tents just fine, but if you’re looking to keep the campsite stocked up and the party going then you will want to stick to the town square and visit one of the most impressive adult beverage depots on the route. Brother’s Market has a wines and spirits annex and it is now and will be loaded for RAGBRAI from wall to wall and as close to ceiling as regulations will allow. They have candy bars too!


Sigourney has the spirit, kindness and local legends that make Iowa and RAGBRAI so special for thousands of reasons for thousands of visitors. Small town Iowa has so much to offer and we love the endless experiences they give us on The Iowa Gallivant. Absorb as much of them as possible and know that Sigourney will be great during RAGBRAI and for another trip down the road.

RAGBRAI will take care of that question for a lot of folks. Have fun, Sigourney!
Thank you to everyone that made our visit here an incredible one. See you again and have an amazing RAGBRAI!
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