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Scouting RAGBRAI-2018: Breakfast Before Brunch w/ A Whole ‘Lotta Butter in Denison

The Denison hills will have more visitors than the Hollywood hills way out west this July. You just wait and see!

Denison, IA: Crawford County (Our 78th County!)

Welcome to Overnight #2 on this year’s RAGBRAI route and they are going to bring the great times and A LOT of food from the locals. It’s been awhile since the peddled invasion of Crawford County and they are charged up for a huge day, night, and morning. Here’s the welcoming locals we found!

Stock-Up & Cool Down

Every team needs the support crew to keep their campsites stocked up all week long. Why not eat some Mexican food while doing it! Tienda El Mexicano is a grocery store with plenty of the cold beverages, meat for the grill, snacks and my favorite…Frozen chocolate covered bananas! Fend off cramping while pampering your sweet tooth at the same time cuz that’s how we roll on The Iowa Gallivant.

Just outside of town is one of Iowa’s most beautiful county parks and well worth the extra time to see it. Yellow Smoke Park has miles of trails and, more importantly acres of natural shade. The beach will be calling you for miles as you get to town so get that RAGBRAI dip in here.


This will be one of the most unique Dairy Queen experiences you will ever encounter and it’s right here in Denison. A small walk in and sit outside venue that is bursting with fast, enthusiastic and energetic employees. What really makes this unique is the menu…

This DQ has the classics you’re familiar with and they have the pull to add their own selections. Like the Nebraskaland Burger. An all beef patty battered and fried because why the heck not that’s why! Want something lite… get a few Denisons. Sliders grilled fresh and they are incredibly addictive. Let’s move uptown shall we…

Still looking to soak up some local AC? Make your way to the Denison main drag and pop into their shops. Something tells me you can get that “I need this in my life and I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t get it right now” object you’re looking for.

The Junkery was one of our favorite stops and it just kept on giving. It looks like a small shop from the outside, but once you get in you’ll have see that it feels like miles of nostalgic wonderland. Make this your RAGBRAI gift headquarters if there is such a thing. I guess there is now!

This might be the most heard phrase behind “Hey, look! Cows!” on RAGBRAI. Just One More is a tavern in Uptown and they have the cold bevs to keep that smile going in Denison. The folks at the bar were not letting us leave without a Pizza Burger and we always abide. I dare any of you to go all in on the first bite and if you do, you might want one of those cold beers handy because these daddies are hot! Look out for that stretchy cheese too.


Get that day two energy boost at B&D’s Grill with plenty of meaty selections. We took down the ham steak, BBQ ribs, broasted…..yes broasted Iowa pork chop and a couple rounds of loaded baked potatoes like a good RAGBRAI’er should. Sour cream, cheese and bacon gets me through any situation.


It can be seriously good times at Prime Times Lounge and the bartenders have the drafts of suds ready to go nonstop. Oh…looks like they have some of the smooth stuff ready to go too.

Get those tight little bikers jerseys ready for El Patron Night Club beacause they will have the base kicked up for RAGBRAI! Margaritas Denison-style could provide the nightcap you need before hitting the tents.


*Our stay at the Providence Inn B&B was complimentary. The opinions expressed are of our own. Now, let’s keep gallivanting!

Booked up for RAGBRAI but waiting for your return trip to beautiful Crawford County. The Providence Inn Bed & Breakfast is one of Iowa’s most beautiful B&B’s and the owners have done an unbelievable job of renovating a house that sat vacant for over 30 years and turning it into an absolute masterpiece. Stay tuned because this won’t be the last you see of the house from us. We had a great time and a solid sleep here!


One of Iowa’s oldest restaurant’s has two meals waiting for the RAGBRAI that they say is going to blow your minds at Cronk’s Restaurant! The first one we were able to dive into was their Sunday Brunch which will be up and running for RAGBRAI. Rows of hot food with all your breakfast needs like sausage ham, biscuits and gravy, cheesy potatoes and some of the fluffiest made to order omelets you’ll ever have. You’ll need to stop by and ask what they use for their omelets to make them so fluffy. Cronk’s also has some of the best pastries you’ll have on the route including a once in a lifetime bread pudding. Another secret they’re more than willing to tell you about when you stop in and eat. Cronk’s will also have another buffet that they say is the best of all worlds. How does all you can eat ribs, fried chicken and ham with all the fixings sound? Awesome…I know. Get after it RAGBRAI. You “butter” watch the video below…

You see what I mean….Butter on everything is the way to go and it makes for “A Wonderful Life.” You knew I wasn’t getting through this post without a Donna Reed reference.

We found a whole lot of diversity in this Western Iowa town and we know they’ll be hosting a party that’ll keep everyone entertained the whole stay. The key is coming back to Denison to see it again and experience it in another way unique to this town. You like BBQ? You may want to check out one of the best cook-offs this country has to offer. In Denison that is….

Sweet mother of RAGBRAI! Blair Weigum of Visit Denison and Crawford County did a heck of a job taking care of our arrival. Please take the time and click on the link above and see what this Western Iowa town can do for another trip to Denison!

The thank yous don’t stop here…

The Providence Inn supplied an amazing stay for us and we can’t thank them enough. We’ll see you again!
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