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Winter Weekend w/ A Lot of Pzazz

I can’t resist any place with three “Zs” in their name! Pzazz Resort Hotel!

*Our room here was complementary and the opinions expressed on this post are or our own.

Burlington, IA: Des Moines County

There’s TONS of things to do outside during the winter in Iowa. I happen to be more of a Winter Olympics guy than a Summer Olympics guy myself. However, we all need a break from the elements and the City of Burlington has an incredible oasis for that cold weather, cooped-up feeling that can set in. Don’t get into sub-zero temps when you can get into Pzazz and all its entertainment!

The choice is yours on where to start and you can’t do them all at the same time. Seriously don’t do that cuz it hurts.

Hooooooold on! Let’s get checked into one of the rooms that families could get very comfortable in. The front desk staff welcomed us in and made feel excited about the stay within seconds. I got top bunk!

Along with a king bed, flat screen TV, a fleet of bunk beds, you get a room with a view you don’t get everywhere. Outside are balcony is a giant play area with all things that slide, bounce, wiggle and glide. This was the wrong weekend to leave our 4′-5″ hamster at home. We just said we went to a snake convention.

This is like fun city! And that’s what they call it…Fun City! Lasers, loud speakers, classics, state of the art graphics, and a whole lot of grins. And I wasn’t letting my kids win at laser tag. I lost at laser tag because cheating that’s why.

There’s even ways to hit an upside down roller coaster while you’re indoors at Fun City. No lines that are an acre long in sweltering heat. Just step from the Star Wars Battle Pod to this exciting video operated amusement park ride.

Paging Ricky Bobby. Ricky Bobby, please report to The Iowa Gallivant Crew at the go cart track. They’re ready show you how much of a chump you are. That is all.

Well, that about wraps it up kids. Hope you had fun……Ohhhh, yea. That water park needs a few more energetic kids jumping in and boy was the water nice. Outside we could see the snow building up on the outdoor slides and we had no time for that.  Splish-Splash, we’re having an indoor blast with 10 degree weather through the glass. You hungry yet?

It was burger time at the Boogaloo Cafe and once again we didn’t leave the property. One delight called the Inferno with fried jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, spicy mayo on brioche and another Swiss cheese and a huge sauteed portabella mushroom. Their sidekicks were classic onion rings and a local favorite known as Chicken Lips. Buffalo style boneless chicken coated in perfectly crunchy breading and packing pleasant a slow burn. We know there’s tons of family opportunities and you had a blast with it all. But don’t think for a minute you can’t get some grown-up-getaway time.

Catfish Bend Casino is a few turns away and I don’t mean by car. We’re indoors and keeping it that way! Plenty of table games, video poker, slots and dice flying through the air. Grab some tasty bevs at the bar too! That one has an orange so yay for vitamins!

We haven’t even covered it all here at Pzazz and Catfish Bend. There’s more restaurants, entertainment, games and endless fun awaiting for us on our next trip. We didn’t even get to the bowling! Geeez…. when can we make our next trip to Pzazz, the kids are ready, the grownups are ready…. let’s go!

It’s not up all year long, but no one would complain if it was. That’s purdy!

Click on their website: Pzazz Resort Hotel

Like their Facebook Page: Pzazz Entertainment Complex

Thank you to Marlena and the entire crew at Pzazz for supplying Team Goodvin with an incredible weekend! From the front desk, to service in the restaurants, and in every corner we knew we were in great company during our visit.
Visit Burlington! Chelsea at GBP helped make this entire trip happen for us and we can’t thank you enough!

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