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Breakfast, Lunch, & Burlington

We’re in this trip together! 

Burlington, IA: Des Moines County

Another Team Goodvin Gallivant and you all know what that means. Another few rounds of great local food. We challenge the locals to give us their favorites whenever we roll into town and that seems to be the trick that keeps this culinary quest ticking. It’s breakfast time and Burlington was ready for The Iowa Gallivant.

Sausage gravy with a side of sausage gravy and extra sausage gravy, please. Do you have Diet Mountain Dew? If you’re going to have a street named Sunnyside, you better have a classic American diner serving up some of the best breakfast in town. Hungry Bear is just the place. Look at the “Mess” on the bottom! That’s what it is called so just settle down there. Hash browns loaded with onion, peppers, eggs, cheese, and well, enough meat to get you through breakfast the next day. We also housed fresh steaks, both tender ribeye and juicy hamburger. Runny eggs all around, buttery toast and did I mention velvety sausage gravy? I did! Sausage gravy……(I shivered like the hyena in Lion King when they said Mustafa when I wrote it down again)

When the sweet tooth goes off get in the car and get to Burlington and do that awkward hip thrusting sprint walk down the street to Ivy Bakeshop & Cafe! Don’t stay on this travel blog staring…get some of those afternoon desserts yourself! Not only does Ivy keep the baked goods fly’n out of the oven, they have a great menu of soups, sandwiches, salads and more! We each picked out a “snack”- hot cocoa to soup to cake and more… all made fresh in house of course.

An evening with a lot of Pzazz and some great food from the Boogaloo Cafe! Gourmet burgers, spicy little numbers called Chicken Lips, plenty of appetizers and a full bar with a great happy hour. When you make your visit to Fun City, Catfish Bend Casino, or any of the other fun activities in Burlington, you’re sure to get hungry. You have indoor and outdoor water parks, a complete entertainment center, a great bowling alley, their beautiful casino and plenty of opportunities to keep the whole family moving all day and night. I only have one thing to say about all that. Check please, Burlington!

Another huge thank you to Chelsea at GBP for helping us with our visit. Let’s gallivant again!

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