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Cannons of Burlington

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Winter in one of Iowa’s most historic towns and a snowy day of exploring. This is gallivanting at its finest! Burlington’s cobblestone alley 

Burlington, IA: Des Moines County

In between cold spells and snow showers, we figure out ways to get out and see some of the historical landmarks of our state. There is so much history to experience everywhere and for much of it you don’t have to pay a penny to see it. This is just a sample of the bevy of Iowa importance that Burlington displays for all to study and enjoy…. like the cannons you can find throughout the city.


The banks of the Mississippi are well guarded at Crapo Park. This area is one of the many gems of Burlington with acres of public land full of walking trails, natural springs, caves, and beautiful bluffs that overlook the great river.

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Dankwardt Park has the artillery to keep you active all day.

Not only can you observe this massive instrument of artillery, you can respectfully walk on its platform and sit in the gunner’s seat. Dankwardt Park is another impressive local park in Burlington that is nearby Crapo, giving the residents and travelers of Burlington a huge park district that rivals any other in beauty.

I have had a connection to cemeteries my whole life and have been seeking them out for many years. I can tell with all honesty say that Aspen Grove Cemetery is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The hilly roads led us through breathtaking landscapes and the historic tour we were looking for. Our favorite ares of this massive cemetery was the Civil War section. The familiar white headstones displayed in uniform lines with a tall memorial looking over Aspen Grove and a cannon located near the fence line. The snow was fresh and powdery as it continued to fall in Aspen Grove. Huge flakes collected on the stones and memorials and only the crunch from our feet were the only sounds as we walked the paths. If you find yourself on the Great River Road, then please come and see one of the best scenery you’ll experience on your trip.

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You knew we weren’t leaving town without a trip to Snake Alley. Eat your heart out, San Francisco! 

Thank you to GBP for helping us with the planning of our trip to Burlington and the Arrowhead Motel for supplying a great room for Team Goodvin!

3 thoughts on “Cannons of Burlington

  1. My grandparents lived in Oakville back in the 60s and would bring my sister and I to Crapo park for evening picnics.
    I spent a lot of time playing on those cannons, very cool to do as a 7-8 eight year old. There was some very “tall” slides in the same area. It took a bit courage to climb to the top.
    I always try to visit the park whenever I’m in Burlington. Thanks for the good childhood memories.

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