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An All Iowa Summertime Scavenger Hunt!

Our winner has been chosen! Thank you for check out our inaugural Summertime Scavenger Hunt!


You’ve made it this far, now lets talk about how to win this great travel package from these 7 communities below. We couldn’t do this without our official sponsors! Team Goodvin can’t thank them enough and we know the eventual winner is going to have some amazing trips around Iowa! Free night at hotels and casinos, museum passes, tickets to shows and races, and more! Scroll down to see the easy way you can win The Iowa Gallivant’s Summertime Scavenger Hunt….

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8 clues to find and you could be set for a great adventure around Iowa! Lets follow these steps…

  • If you have’t already, I’d press “Like” on The Iowa Gallivant Facebook Page
  • Welcome back! When you scroll down, you’ll see pictures that are your clues. Click on the link that’s highlighted and surf through the blog posts until you find the picture. You can click on to “continue reading” to see the entire post.
  • When you find the picture within the post, follow the instructions on the captions and be sure to write down the title of the post where you found the clue. There will be a “Click HERE” prompt on every clue when you find them to lead you back to this page to see the next clue.
  • When you’ve located all 8 clues, message The Iowa Gallivant on our Facebook page with all 8 titles of the posts the clues were in.
  • Everyone who gets it right will be entered into a drawing and the winner will be picked at random.
  • Now, lets do this! Good luck, have fun, and thanks for Gallivanting!
Clue #1: The grave site of Chief Black Hawk is located near a village in this Southeast Iowa community.
Clue #2: The Cevapi! A Bosnian masterpiece that’s prepared in this Northeast Iowa town and it’s one of the most delicious sandwiches in all of Iowa!
Clue #3: The Living Heritage Tree Museum is located in Buena Vista County and was featured in our Scouting #RAGBRAI-2015 Series.
Clue #4: The famous quilting decor can be found all over this Washington County town on our 2016 Taco Tour.
Clue #5: One of Louisa County’s roadside attractions is in the town of Grandview and can be found in Family Adventures.
Clue #6: One of Iowa’s most beloved donut shops has all but one location left and it’s located in Cedar Rapids. You can read all about it in Iowa Food.
Clue #7: The tomb of Julien Dubuque can be found in a very historic trip found in Iowa State Parks.


IMG_0797 (1)
Clue #8: A trip to Great River Brewery in Davenport, IA. You can see how we enjoyed this Quad Cities town in Grownup Getaways!

Remember to “Like” us on our Facebook Page and message us with your results. See you again on The Iowa Gallivant!


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