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Iowa State Parks-Pleasant Creek Booty

The days are getting longer and that gives Team Goodvin more reasons to get out to Iowa’s state parks and Pleasant Creek was ready for another discovery!

Pleasant Creek State Recreation Arera-Palo, IA: Linn County

You see that? That’s sunlight…..And it’s sticking around longer and longer. Which means our collective derrieres are getting out to our state parks and exploring Iowa’s great outdoors. We go exploring!

Palo, IA is just outside of Cedar Rapids and it calls out thousands out outdoor enthusiasts every year. And we found out why.

It’s a good day to get muddy and get art supplies. Yes, you heard me. You can go out and buy some materials or see what mother Iowa can provide. Luckily for us, Pleasant Creek State Rec Area had the best deal in town!

When Leah and Gigi have mosaics to make, they don’t settle for just any rock, pebble, or group of bundled sticks. I know this because the rocks, pebbles, and sticks from the driveway that I showed them wasn’t met with much enthusiasm. Are we travelers or I we travelers!

We explored the beaches and wadded in the shallow waters. The campsites, trails, and playgrounds had plenty of activity on this spring weekend at Pleasant Creek. Good ol’ fashioned Iowa sun soaking was at play all over the park.

The hundreds of shells that we collected will be turned into homemade earrings, art projects, and all around collectibles. What are the little things you’ll travel for? Antiques..the best burger ever..a new brewery? We’ll find any reason to explore Iowa and Pleasant Creek’s banks and campsites are just another reason to see more of this state.

Thank you, Palo! Team Goodvin will see you again!

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Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin

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