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Iowa State Parks-Geode Springs to Life

Ever wonder where our state rock comes from? Well, it can only be found in one region of Iowa. We descend on Geode

Geode State Park- Danville, IA: Des Moines County (Our 26th County)

Gone is the harshness of the late winter months and now we start to set our sights on the great Iowa outdoors more and more. The Midwestern landscapes will soon be showing their life with endless greenery, but Team Goodvin was able to discover the beginning of spring in Des Moines County. Now read this paragraph back and play a soft piano as you do. Geode anyone….

Dog (Tippy) is our co-pilot….for today. Miles of hiking trails brings out the wild pooch in all the pooch of us.

If we’re going to visit as many state parks as we can, in 2016 and beyond, we need to get an early jump. Geode State Park sprawls across Des Moines County near the Burlington area. Our state rock calls southeast Iowa home and this is the only region in the world you can find this species of geode.

It may look like a delicious piece of rock candy but trust me…..it’s all rock. I think. I’ve never made it to the center. (Photo by geodegallery.com)

Burlington is one of the top tourist destinations in Iowa and Geode State Park is an easy trip to add during your travels to this area. The summer months yield all the common recreational opportunities like swimming, camping, boating, and beach-bumming, but the trails and exploring the forest can be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

Wild mushrooms shade some of the early blossoms at Geode State Park.

Tippy leading the way, Geode gave us a full day of hiking. We followed the trail that overlooked the mighty Skunk River.

The march is on! Cliff Bars consumed and we’re properly hydrated. Team Goodvin…..Take a hike!
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One of the many stops you can take in along your hike at Geode State Park.

Geode State Park  supplied a full afternoon as we explored yet another great part of southeastern Iowa. The summer is just around the corner and our state parks will be getting more and more lively and we can’t wait to join the masses. We’ll see you again soon, Geode!

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Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin!



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