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Dream Road Trip On the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway

Iowa’s most amazing and mesmerizing natural wonder has a long reach through the western outreaches of the state. It’s present day name is the Loess Hills and its where ancient formations are on full and beautiful display. It’s where countless generations of Native Americans called home and where Lewis and Clark took the Corps of Discovery during their exploration of the West. It’s the breathtaking gateway into the Missouri River valley and a precursor to what pioneers would endure on their way west. It’s now a collection of farms, communities, state parks. forests, and overlooks with an unforgettable scenic byway. It was my pleasure to finally take the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway through all seven of its wonderful counties and document our miles of memories in far Western Iowa. Enjoy our videos below and start creating your own Loess Hills memories!

Fremont County

Waubonsie State Park is near the town of Hamburg in Iowa’s furthest southwestern corner. It’s where the Loess Hills began for us as we started heading north. This overlook is an excellent starting point with it’s view and hiking trails into the woods.

Mills County

There will be a lot of rural and wooded drives throughout the entire Loess Hill National Scenic Byway. Another one of the great perks is the business districts it weaves through. Glenwood and it’s town square is the Mills County seat and provides a memorable atmosphere for some terrific shopping and dining in the Loess Hills!

Pottawattamie County

The Loess Hills National Scenic Byway goes through the metro area of Council Bluffs with its oodles of entertainment opportunities, restaurants, historic neighborhoods, and tons of ways to keep any Iowa inspired road trip fulfilled. Just outside of the Council Bluffs area is Honey Creek and the incredible wonders at the Hitchcock Nature Center.

Harrison County

I’ll call it how I see it. Murray Hill is my favorite overlook in the entire State of Iowa. You’ll be standing on the edge of the ancient hills with the sprawling farmland below. To me there is nothing more quintessential than this vantage point. It’s perfect Iowa.

Monona County

Known as ‘the spot” at Preparation Canyon State Park. One of the most visited overlooks in the Loess Hills and for a very good breathtaking reason.

Woodbury County

Near the town of Smithland is Fowler Forest Preserve on the northern path of the Loess Hills. Just south of the second metro area on the path which is the Sioux City area and its boundless gallivants that everyone can enjoy.

Plymouth County

Buffalo, prairies, scenery…..amen. This is Plymouth County. My God, I adored this moment on the Loess Hills.

There will never be another road trip like this one. There is no other landmass in the world like the Loess Hills and I can’t thank the Western Iowa folks enough that helped to make this happen…

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful appraisal of the scenic outlook at Murray Hill. I was born & raised near Pisgah. I no longer live in the area, so I very much appreciate seeing pictures & videos from my former stomping grounds.

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