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The Handmade, Homemade, Fun Loving & Delicious Getaway to Davis County, Iowa

*The greatest part of traveling is getting to know the folks that help to make their communities thrive. Especially when we can find the locals who also know how to have fun, laugh together and welcomes you over and over again around every corner. Our visit to Davis County was sponsored by Davis County Tourism. Some of the goods, services and meals were complimentary. The views expressed in this blog are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Coffee-up when you start a gallivant like this one! The Coffee Can in Bloomfield, Iowa pleasantly “roasted” my kickoff in this entertaining county seat!

Davis County, IA (Our 90th Iowa County)

Iowa’s southern counties have been a steady go-to for us since we started The Iowa Gallivant in the summer of 2014. However, it took us way too long to finally get to Davis County, and I couldn’t wait to show up! It was a perfect reminder of how much I love being in small towns during the holiday season and how important it is to support local and small businesses. Get this area on your radar for your future spring/summer travels and make your plans to head back when it’s time to get the stockings stuffed and presents under the tree!

Breakfast Time

Pulaski Gas & Grill is where I was told to get a delicious and hot breakfast by many locals and regular visitors to Davis County. This little pitstop didn’t disappoint and even had a spot ready for me at the table with a group of hunters who love this establishment! Click on the video below and see the hospitality in action…
What a way to meet new friends in Davis County!

Roadside America

An obscure piece of important Civil War history is just a few minutes down the road from Bloomfield. This marks the spot where Missouri invaders infiltrated Iowa and hence became the northernmost incursion of the Civil War.
One of a few plaques that tells the story of this historical marker.
Drakesville had a unique center of town that features the Davis County Freedom rock along its Main Street. Another one of these marked off my statewide list!


Sticking with Main Street in Drakesville for an epic double bacon cheeseburger experience! Ray’s Longbranch features freshly ground beef from Brothers Market in Bloomfield and you can taste the high quality with every juicy bite. Click on the video below and see how huge this burger is!
Let the epic burger times roll in Drakesville!

Let’s Go Shopping

Shop small and support local Iowa businesses whenever possible. Especially in wonderful rural communities like you’re about to see here in Davis County!

The Davis County Iowa Welcome Center in Bloomfield is never a bad idea for some much needed ideas when you’re traveling the state. A refurbished Sears-Roebuck house turned into a welcome center and gift shop!
Locally made goods, artwork and gifts on display all yearlong at this historic welcome center in Bloomfield!

Shopping On Bloomfield’s Town Square

Making memories is easy to do in Bloomfield and you can have plenty gathered up at Making Memories Flowers & Gifts & Madison Street Boutique! Tons of ways to find a great gift and get some much needed coffee at the same time from one of the talented baristas!
Indigo Roots Co is one of those unique places when you’re looking for the relaxation remedies we could all use. Soaps, teas, oils, lotions, jewelry and bath salt bar you can help yourself to. Book a massage, too!
Clover & Bloom Boutique has a great selection of styles to keep you stylish during your time in Bloomfield and beyond!

Markets Galore

Pulaski, Iowa on a Saturday morning for the Makers’ Space and handmade goods with some refreshing beverages ahead from Beyoutiful Nutrition!
The talented creations from the folks who occupy the tables at the Makers’ Space is worth the road trip when you want to find amazing pieces. This is the essence of supporting small businesses and you’ll be doing it while hanging out with the wonderful locals.
It was time for a hurricane Pulaski-style! Mix it up and start to enjoy a thirst quenching way to enjoy Davis County!
Back to Bloomfield and into the American Legion for the Indoor Farmers Market!
Goodies of all kinds at this warm and cozy farmers market. Honey, candy, handmade beauties and a wide arrangement of variety that anyone can enjoy.
Highway 2 Discount Groceries is where you’ll want to go if you love buying in bulk!
Pastas, oats, spices and a whole-lot more at this Highway 2 grocer. And look at that candy section!
Hastings Meat Processing is where you’ll find one of Bloomfield’s most prolific award winners.
Surrounded by dozens of plaques and unforgettable meats. I wasn’t leaving without some of their finest selections. Thanks for helping me bring home the bacon, Bloomfield!

Eat While You Shop

You gotta love a place that can feed you and help with preparing for another meal at home and a fishing trip. That’s Go Gourmet on the Bloomfield town square!
Seafood boil that can’t be beat in Iowa! Crab legs, crawfish, shrimp, smoked sausage, corn on the cob, potatoes and even more on the Go Gourmet menu. This is one of the best seafood meals I’ve had in my Midwest travels!
Go Gourmet will let you taste some of the rubs with your meal as well. Purchase a container for yourself and start your own flavorful extravaganza. Click on the video below and see what made it to my table during a fantastic evening in Bloomfield….
That was an amazing seafood adventure in Davis County!
A jam packed parking lot is a familiar site to see at Bloomfield’s Red Shed. A must-stop and see experience when you’re cruising down HWY 2.
Shop a little and have some gourmet candy. Shop a little more and then get some homemade pie. Head down more aisles…Well, you get the concept from the Red Shed!
Never forget the gift of delicious boxes like this!
While you’re shopping at the Red Shed you just might start to smell some mouthwatering brisket. That’s because the Red Shed proudly serves this beefy masterpiece of a sandwich. You can even buy a bottle of the BBQ sauce that’s offered with this sandwich….and take some of the brisket home, too! Click on the video below to see the annual Christmas event they host at the Red Shed that you need to get on your calendar!
Big horses and big boxes of Bloomfield majesty!


Directly off of HWY 2 is Bloomfield’s Southfork Motel and the perfect setup for a trip like this. 907 South Washington Street 641-664-1063
The lobby of the Southfork Motel keeps up the festive atmosphere you’ll find everywhere in Bloomfield this time of year.
The rooms are neat and wonderfully clean. The bed kept me slumbering inside its comfortable sheets.
A useful desk for someone who does plenty of travel writing and the flat screen TV for when I need those breaks sprawled out on my bed. Clicker in one hand and some of that candy from the Red Shed in the other…
Fresh coffee is a must when you’re meeting up with a new day, and the Southfork Motel keeps it coming.
A complimentary selection of breakfast items are available for all the Southfork guests. These always come in handy and especially when you’re traveling with your family. The staff here is professional and absolutely delightful. A genuine welcoming and great service the entire stay at the Southfork Motel!

Tenderloin Time

My favorite part about staying at the Southfork Motel is having the Southfork Grill just steps away from my room! Great cooking and a fantastic staff that kept me entertained. Look at this big and tasty breaded pork tenderloin! Better yet….Click on the video below and see why some of the locals were telling me to get my tenderloin fix at the Southfork!
Crunchy, flavorful, served hot, and with a lot of pickles!


I wasn’t done with meeting the Davis County folks that make this area so memorable. What better place to do it than Slick’s Bar & Grill on the Bloomfield town square!
Give me a cold one at the small town bar any day. Give me Slick’s!
I made friends all day and it didn’t stop at Slick’s. Click on the video below and meet more of them…Wow, I loved this crowd!
Smile! You’re on The Iowa Gallivant, Slick’s!

Everyone from moment to moment showed me a phenomenal welcoming the entire time in Davis County. The cooking, the shops, the history, the ongoing pleasant nature of this area never subsided. I’m eager and hungry for more of Davis County and ready to reconnect with so many I met in the short time I spent here. and get to know more of the people who call this area home. Me and a host of many other visitors enjoyed our getaways during the weekend we were there. Let’s make another Gallivant happen soon, Davis County! Did I hear that I need to order some prime rib next time…

Get information about making your reservations at the Southfork Motel on their website.

Thank you to Joye Lore-Lawson and everyone with Davis County Tourism that made this Gallivant happen. It was an enjoyable getaway and I can’t wait to see this place in action during the summer!

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