2022 T-Bone Trail · Historic US Route 20 · Northwest Iowa

Holstein’s Prime Rib Party, Spicy Ida Grove Mouthfuls & Castle Hunting in Ida County, Iowa

*Northwest Iowa is a region that’s big on beef and that means Ida County was making another appearance on the T-Bone Trail! Our visit to Ida County was funded and sponsored by the Western Iowa Tourism Region. Some of the goods, meals and services were complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

What time is it? It’s Ida time, baby!

Ida County, Iowa

Keep the good times going on Highway 20 in Northwest Iowa and into Ida County! The rural getaways folks are looking for are picking up a lot of steam, and these Ida County communities are supplying some terrific options for travelers wanting a taste of the good life in Western Iowa. The convenience of what small towns offer is a giant perk during my travels because I’m always looking for restaurants, shops, markets, lodging and Main Street charm within minutes of each other. Holstein, Iowa has just what I need for this concept!

A Whole Lotta Holstein

I showed up to town on the right day! Market on Main was bringing folks to downtown Holstein for some wonderful gifts made by a lot of talented locals!
Sun shinning on Holstein with Sunshine & Flora at Market on Main with colorful arrangements beautifying the evening!
Grote’s Goodies has an Odebolt, Iowa HQ, but they set up shop here in Holstein. Bring on the bracelets, Kendra!
JLM Designs had some tantalizing jewelry dangling in the Holstein evening. Handmade and ready to surprise that special someone. From Ida County with love….That should be on a Christmas card or something.
Cedar Farm Creations has your snack time needs fully stocked. Freeze dried candy you’ll keep reaching into the bag for and perfect for my road trip!

Dusk in Holstein

Some of the most picturesque photos we took all summer were during a three county trip on Old Highway 20. Holstein is one of the communities on this historic path that goes coast to coast, and the endless Western Iowa horizons seemed to be calling out for a perfect photo-op when we were enjoying Ida County.

A friendly welcome and a spectacular moment at sundown with acres of Holstein fields soaking in the last minutes of a beautiful day in Northwest Iowa.
Back to Main Street and this unforgettable view at dusk. The red bricks on the corner building had a glowing affect with the colorful sky around it.
The historic State Theatre is another reason to love Main Street in Holstein. One of America’s rarest style of movie theaters and a staple in Ida County for generations of moviegoers, date nights and big screen moments. Dang….popcorn and Junior Mints sounds tasty right about now.

Let’s Eat Steak

People all over NW-Iowa talk about Holstein’s authority when it comes to pizza. However, this popular establishment is known for more than their delicious pizzas with cream cheese and beefy BBQ brisket. Backdraft Bar & Grill is back on The T-Bone Trail!

The locals love Backdraft Bar & Grill and they have a growing fan base with a lot of out-of-towners. The food here has reached legendary level and its a must have when you’re in Holstein! 119 North Main Street
It was party time in Holstein! Some of the local leaders and folks from the Ida County Cattlemen’s Association jumped on The T-Bone Trail with me. Hey, look! It’s Rita kicking back at the Backdraft on the far right! Thank you to everyone from Ida County Economic Development for hosting our adventure during our day in your communities!
Thick-cut Prime Rib was the slow cooked headliner of this get together at the Backdraft. You gotta love it when your meaty portion of juicy beef needs a plate all to itself!
The meal had a potluck feel at the Backdraft Bar & Grill. They prepared party potatoes, green been casserole, seven layer salad and fresh dinner rolls to go with a giant slice of that Prime Rib. You gotta love it when your made from scratch sides needs a plate all to themselves! Yes, I would like some butter…..Click on the video below and meet the Ida County crew who stopped into Holstein for supper!
This crew knows how to host a Prime Rib party like true professionals!


We’ve been to a lot of Cobblestone Inn & Suites properties throughout Iowa including a return visit to this one in Holstein! They kept up the positive momentum we’ve had with their hotels because it was another pleasurable stay in Ida County!

This is what I’m talking about when I love small town convenience. You’re never too far away from Cobblestone Inn & Suites when you’re in Holstein. Just up the street from the downtown district and next to a large travel center that seems to have it all on HWY 20! 2011 Indorf Ave 712-368-6200
I’d like to thank the cook for this tasty and welcoming touch at the Cobblestone Inn & Suites-Holstein!
Always a pleasant hello from a clean room at Cobblestone Inn & Suites-Holstein. My favorite part is all the pillows they provide for you. Hey, sometimes I like to make a fort!
I turned on the flat screen TV and some guy was trying to figure out this antique plow. Something tells me that there’s some local Ida County folks that could assist him.
Breakfast time at the Cobblestone and always complimentary. Get that waffle maker sizzling!
What did I have? I put slices of ham and a cheese omelet inside a toasted English muffin and voila! Breakfast construction complete!

The staff was amazing once again at Holstein’s Cobblestone Inn & Suites. Hot breakfast, tidy rooms, comfortable beds and stone’s throw from everything in town. Like fresh coffee….

I’m never leaving Holstein without a trip to CornerHaus 101! Main Street for morning coffee and the proper beginning to my day.
Ice coffee complete with a sweet looking tiger yelling at me! Eaaaaaasy big, fella! You don’t want to get between JayJay and his coffee…
This scene within the CornerHaus 101 is where you might find me for hours next time. I wanted to snuggle with my coffee on that couch.

Roadside Attractions in Ida Grove

Castles, castles and more castles! No, I’m not talking about Europe or some put-put golf course. I’m talking about Ida Grove, Iowa!

The brand new Downtown Ida Grove mural looks amazing! This is going to be making it on a lot of people’s photo collections because this artwork pops!
It’s not just a couple castles or a certain area of town that shows them off. Ida Grove has these structures everywhere! This is my personal favorite and it’s on the corner in Ida Grove’s main business district.
Take a walk in Downtown Ida Grove and go castle hunting! You can’t do that in every town you visit, but you can when you arrive to the Ida County seat!
Even a trip for a root beer float could lead you to another castle in Ida Grove! Brownie’s Drive-In is willing to let us all storm-in and get a sweet treat during your day in Ida Grove!

Bonus Beef

We were told how fun the staff can be at Zimmy’s Bar & Grille in Ida Grove and they didn’t disappoint! 88 IA-175

Big and beautiful burgers is what I was in the market for when I arrived to Zimmy’s Bar & Grille. Their regulars highly recommended that we stop here for some of the most mouthwatering burger selrctions in the area. Well, that’s all I needed to hear!

Sweet and spicy! Here comes the behemoth I wanted to tackle in Ida Grove! I was prepared to fall in love with an Ida County burger and I knew it was gonna happen…Click on the video below and listen to everything that’s packed inside that toasted pretzel bun!

Ida County provided some scrumptious meals and more castles you can shake a jousting stick at. A Holstein Main Street that’s still creating timeless memories for generations of local families and visitors that look forward to their travels through this rural beauty in Northwest Iowa. Catch a sunset and beefy meal in Ida County like we did!

Make your reservations for Cobblestone Inn & Suites-Holstein on their website.

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There isn’t a better slogan for a town on the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail!

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