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Giant Cowboy Ribeye, Lake View Exploring & the “Early” Sunset in Sac County, Iowa

*The Western Iowa county I’ve been to the most times in my life, and I’m still finding more ways to keep coming back while waltzing into places of business I’ve never been to before. Our trip to Sac County was funded and sponsored by the Western Iowa Tourism Region. Some of the services, meals and goods were complimentary. The views expressed in this blog are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant! But first, a briefing from a certain capital of the world….

That’s right, travelers! You made it to the popcorn capital of the world!
I’m officially a regular to Lake View, Iowa and Milton’s on Main! Slurp up your favorite caffeinated tall one in this beautiful Sac County lake town!

Sac County, Iowa

Always cling to those summer moments when they come around. We still have a few weeks of warm temps during the day and absolutely beautiful evenings ahead of us in the last days of this 2022 season. I recommend a trip to a relaxing community on the lake in Sac County. Buckle up for Black Hawk Lake in Lake View, Iowa!

Let’s Explore Lake View

The CCC project that keeps giving. One of the best stages to hear live music in Western Iowa and its directly on the shoreline of Black Hawk Lake!
We found a boat and someone to drive it! Black Hawk Lake is a popular destination for folks who live nearby and to more visitors discovering this glacial lake every year!
The upkeep of Black Hawk Lake can be an interesting sight to see. This dredger has a crew that goes to work all day and all night to keep Sac County’s premier destination a beautiful one!
As you can see, there’s room for plenty of us on the docks of Black Hawk! There’s always an unofficial welcoming committee in Lake View, Iowa. And sometimes there’s an official one, too!

There’s so many reasons to make Lake View a destination for your vacations, getaways, day trips and road trips. Boating and fishing are obviously the top reasons why folks flock to this lake, but there’s so much more to enjoy on the lakefront and in the surrounding area. A state park, put-put golf, bike rentals, walking/biking trail, a modern hotel and more!

Just outside of town is Lake View’s Rustic River Winery & Vineyard and you can pick up some local varieties with their own Sac County scenery!
Rustic River’s award winning wines can be sampled and taken back to your RV, guest room, campsite, or picnic on the lake!
There’s that Rustic River scenery I was talking about! Always makes it better when I get to share it with one of the legends that helps make these wines!

Vacationers and lovers of the great outdoors are what brings in a lot of revenue to the area, but there’s longtime businesses that have helped to build Lake View that don’t necessarily show up at the top of your list of places to visit on your day off at the lake. However, I’m on the T-Bone Trail and we’re seeking out the agricultural landmarks that’ a part of keeping Iowa’s farming operations ticking!

There’s a beginning to everything. Iowa’s rural landscapes need to be planted with quality seeds and Lake View has a company that’s been experts in this field since the 1930s. Show us how it’s done, Jacobsen Seed!
Whoa! Is this a hunting lodge, too? Jacobsen Seed has some sportsman panache when you walk into their office!
State. Of. The. Art! That’s what you encounter at Jacobsen Seed. They’ve been innovating their facility since our nation’s farmers starting utilizing hybrids early on in the 20th century.
Literally every seed goes through a computerized inspection process and sorted. The tech that goes into this is something to behold at Jacobsen.
I’m always willing to do the heavy lifting when I visit Lake View, Iowa. Watch the video below and meet one of the masterminds at Jacobsen Seed!
Planting the seed in Iowa!

Local history a’plenty on display at Lake View Historical Museum! One of the most detailed train sets in the state can be enjoyed at this museum and it gives you another look at this NW-Iowa lake town in an entertaining way.

Hey, we were there! And over there! And there!!!
One of the historical exhibits at this Lake View museum. Boy, I wish that butchers block could talk!
Lake View locals know how to hoop it up! Go ahead and ask one someone from this area to game of one on one. I dare you!

Check-In on the Lake

Black Hawk Lake will be just steps away from one of these unique cabins in Lake View. Time to check into Camp Crescent! 1109 3rd Street 712-657-2189
Cabin #2 with a view in Lake View! I couldn’t wait to write that. These wonderful cabins are an excellent way to enjoy a getaway at the lake. Restrooms and hot showers are just around the corner with plenty of respectful neighbors in dozens of RVs and campers who love this community as well.
Inside are comfortable beds with loft style sleeping arrangements above. Remember to bring your own linens, blankets and pillows when you head to these cabins at Camp Crescent.
Now, this scene looks a lot better with a smile! I call top bunk!
An AC turned up, a couch to rest on and the feeling of relaxation and comfort inside this cabin. Sac County knows a thing or two about popcorn, so get that microwave revved up!

Dinner in Lake View

Tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, chips and queso, pasta….Whaaaaaat? Obviously I was hinting at a Mexican restaurant endeavor, but pasta? Yup! Here comes a Lake View treat that has this area of Northwest Iowa buzzing!

Lake View’s Cielito Lindo has quickly become one of the most popular restaurant’s in Sac County! 327 South State Road
Some of the colorful interior at Cielito Lindo! I knew we made it to a fun loving restaurant right when we walked in.
A big helping of tasty chorizo was added to this Queso at Cielito Lindo. A meaty and cheesy flavor with every tortilla chip take a dip in Lake View!
raving seafood? Cielito Lindo has some ways to pack your meal with tender shrimp!
Tacos, tacos, tacos! They fill up this warm tortillas with flavorful choices in Lake View!
classic plate of Mexican goodness! All of our meals were served hot and with plentiful portions like you see here.
And then came the pasta! Fettuccini with their own rich and creamy sauce mixed with Pico de Gallo and seasoned steak. Click on the video below to see how popular and beloved this Lake View, Iowa Mexican restaurant is!
He was already a star before the T-Bone Trail showed up to this happening Lake View restaurant!
It’s always nice when I get to meet the families who operate Iowa’s restaurants. It’s an amazing team effort at Cielito Lindo Mexican Restaurant!

Sac City for Steak

We’re on our way to the county seat for one of the biggest cuts of beef we had on the 2022 T-Bone Trail in Western Iowa. Bring it on Sac City!

A memorable meal was guaranteed to happen on Main Street-Sac City. You can tell that Cattlemen’s Steakhouse takes their beef seriously with a mascot like this on the wall!
Charcuterie boards are always an easy choice for an appetizer when I’m with a group of folks who love a wide range of food. Cattlemen’s Steakhouse prepares a delicious array of sliced meats, cheeses, spreads, nuts and fresh bread to start-off your gourmet experience in Sac City!
The design of Cattlemen’s Steakhouse has a modern and sophisticated touch to this restaurant. This steakhouse has a way of getting you to start craving wine…
Steak and eggs and not just for breakfast anymore! Cattlemen’s Steakhouse gives this classic combo their own chef inspired flavor to tackle your appetite.
Then it was time for a Ribeye a real Cowboy would be satisfied with. Or perhaps any fan of beef in all its forms and sizes! This was an absolute beast and truly amazing while being one of the best Ribeyes I’ve had during both seasons of the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail! Click on the video below and get to know the Chef!
Thanks for visiting us during a busy rush, Chef!
Just outside of Cattlemen’s Steakhouse is this small but mighty park on Main Street in Sac City. Designed with artistic metalwork by local welder and artist, Tanner King. His creations are all over Sac City and throughout the county, and they’re helping to make this area one of the greatest roadside attraction destinations in the Midwest!

An Early Sunset

Early, Iowa is where the original highways of 71 and 20 meet, and where I have visited countless times throughout my entire life. Sundown was on its way and I was grasping every minute of this evening in Sac County. Let’s take some laps at Spring Lake Golf & Country Club!
My trusty motorized steed during a perfect Sac County “Early” evening on the links!
I wasn’t the only one chasing daylight at Spring Lake. Three groups of golfers were swinging their way through the summer day in Sac County.
A bridge over the Boyer on HWY 471. Sunset creeping its way into the rural setting and supplying and unforgettable moment that’s worth taking a picture of.
The Crossroads of the Nation was illuminated by a powerful sky full of splendor.
Reiff Park has never caught my attention like it did on this particular night. This county park provides wonderful campsites with this walk into the Early, Iowa prairie grass. I will never forget these sundown moments in rural Sac County.

It’s no secret that I’ve often traveled to these communities and I was thrilled to make a return back to some of the places I’ve enjoyed before. However, I had the opportunity to experience them in a different way with new flavors, views, picturesque horizons, business leaders and unforgettable scenes during this most recent gallivant. This county saw me grow from an infant to a returning traveler on The T-Bone Trail which makes me even more proud of Western Iowa and its people. A giant thank you to everyone in Sac County who was involved for helping coordinate one of the most memorable 24 hours I’ve ever had here. Another memorable trip back to the places that feel like home every time….

Make your cabin reservations for Camp Crescent by calling 712-657-2189

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Black Hawk State Park gives visitors a trip into the wild of Lake View. Witches Tower is a longtime shelter at this park and filled with stories of why it was given this name. Stop here and come up with your own theory at Witches Tower….Road trip!

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