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McKeen’s Pub & Grill in Spirit Lake, IA (Dickinson Co): The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*Iowa’s very well known and very popular lake region of Dickinson County is absolutely loaded with vacationers and tourists during the summer. However, this fun loving area is open year round, and the locals are eager to see all of us during the off-peak season in Spirit Lake, Okoboji, Orleans, Arnolds Park, Milford, and beyond! Our meal at McKeen’s Pub & Grill was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

There’s a lot of spirit in Spirit Lake and plenty of spirits to keep the spirits up at McKeen’s Pub & Grill! 2608 22nd Street 712-336-2362

Spirit Lake, IA: Dickinson County

Dickinson County is one of the busiest group of communities in Iowa during the sunshine of the summer months. Droves of visitors waste no time getting out on the water in this lake filled region that proudly showcases many public beaches and exciting entertainment all season long. However, you can enjoy the lakes and the towns that hug their shorelines all year and that includes Spirt Lake where we had another thick-cut Ribeye waiting for us on the inaugural Western Iowa T-Bone Trail. Get to Spirit Lake and meet some of the locals that make this destination tick all year long and belly-up to McKeen’s Pub & Grill!

One of the finest baskets of fried cheese balls you’ll encounter during a visit to the lakes. The bartenders at McKeen’s said they were a crowd pleaser so I dove into them like I dropped my wallet in the lake. Dang it! I forgot to share these with someone!
Then McKeen’s started to be all sorts of smothering. In a good way! The highly recommend Ribeye was smothered with grilled mushrooms and red onions that went with every bite I took in. Twice baked potato and buttery Texas toast satisfied my hunger as well. The kitchen crew did a phenomenal job as did my new friend that was working the bar. Click on the video below because she was born for this moment at McKeen’s Pub & Grill on the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail!
Great company with great steaks at McKeen’s!

Like I said, Dickinson County still has some great places open throughout the entire year and McKeen’s in Spirit Lake is one of them. However, it wouldn’t hurt to start planning that sun soaked summertime getaway to this amusing lake filled patch of NW-Iowa. It’s one of Iowa’s top vacation hubs for a reason and Spirt Lake will be ready to show all of us a memorable time! Yea…Let’s make this happen…C’mon, let’s go!

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