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Rural, Wild, Scenic, & Unforgettable: Pasque Place Cabin on Lake Pahoja-Lyon County, Iowa

*From corner to corner, Iowa has some beautiful county parks. In far NW-Iowa is Lyon County and Lake Pahoja Rec Area is their premier park for camping, fishing, swimming, hiking, and perfect sunsets. Our stay at Lake Pahoja was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Not a bad day on the front porch office in rural Inwood. Lake Pahoja has yearlong options for lodging for a wintertime getaway as well. And if you’re waiting for the summer months then start making your reservations for these magnificent areas right about….NOW! Weekends fill up quick, but weekdays are always a great option too. 1831 Buchanan Ave 712-753-2313

Inwood, IA: Lyon County

Cabins are always on my mind. We’ve been seeking them out more and more as we Gallivant into our 8th year of family travels. We’ve experienced A LOT of Iowa’s county parks and we can safely say that Lake Pahoja is the most northwestern park we’ve ever visited in the Hawkeye State, and it was well worth the drive. You can’t be any further from Des Moines and still be in the State of Iowa when you get to Lyon County!


Let’s check-in to Pasque Place Cabin and start this adventure to Lyon County and Lake Pahoja!
Plenty of bunks for this family! A great AC and heater unit keeps you comfortable at the Lake Pahoja cabins.
I know some folks like to rough it a little more, but I prefer the inviting confines of quality cabins like Pasque Place at Pahoja!
Always remember to bring your own bedding when visiting any of Iowa’s county parks. Just a little added comfort of home when you’re in far NW-Iowa!

Take A Hike

Just a few steps from the front door of our cabin is a scenic path to help you take a lot more steps at Lake Pahoja. The fully paved hiking/biking trail circles the whole lake and gives you several miles of Lyon County natural wonders to enjoy.
These two hit the trail and wandered throughout the rec area on a perfect Inwood afternoon.
Along the trail you’ll see this facility hovering over the water. It supplies a wonderful way to take a break and take in the scenery or perhaps some birdwatching. It’s also designed for folks with disabilities to enjoy a day of fishing at Pahoja.
Just another friendly visitor in Lyon County. Watch the prairie thrive and the sky reflect off the lake from this bench.
You might stumble upon this site during your exploring of Lake Pahoja. An old one room schoolhouse with a little museum to enjoy for another perk on your hike. Lyon County preserving Iowa’s wilderness and history at Lake Pahoja.
Well, Mr. Pedersen, your pond is doing just fine. Another lovely spot to take-in during you laps around the rec area.
Into the grassy prairie that can be found in many memorable areas of Western Iowa. Lake Pahoja’s rural majesty provides views such as this around the whole park.
Watch your step because the animal kingdom calls Lake Pahoja home. This turtle was enjoying an evening in the cool mud just off the trail.

Tour the Education Center

One of the most amazing county education centers in Iowa and the Midwest. It’s on the grounds of Lake Pahoja Rec Area and it still has that brand new woodwork aroma to it!
Stunning architecture all around the education center. We looked at the general structure as much as we did the exhibits as we walked around.
A modern center that looks like a towering lodge in rural NW-Iowa. The designers didn’t miss a detail when it came to constructing an inspiring educational center such as this.
There’s more animals here than the ones that had a past appointment with a taxidermist. Local wildlife is on display like this Corn Snake.

Get A Snack

Near the park entrance is where you’ll find the office and this freezer full of goodies. Ice cream a plenty at Lake Pahoja!
Need more supplies? No problem! Stock-up on bug spray, charcoal, and more!
You can even bring some souvenirs home from your rec area getaway in Lyon County!

I wonder what Lake Pahoja and the beauty of Lyon County looks like in all seasons. I saw glimpses of what Iowa’s wide open prairies looked like before western expansion. To look at Iowa at its most extreme northwest reaches made all of the state’s regions come rushing into my head. I love this state and Lyon County brought out the best of its memories for me. I made it to a literal corner of the world I had been wanting to see ever since I gave a serious look at a map of Iowa. Thank you to everyone that experienced it with me and my family. We’ll see you again!

That sunset right there. Lake Pahoja showing off its splendor at every moment of the day.

Make your reservations for a Lake Pahoja cabin at MyCountyParks.com

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