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There’s a 4 Diamond Warrior That’s Ready for You in Sioux City, Iowa

*When in NW-Iowa you might as well make your reservations at one of the most upscale hotels in the state. Our stay at The Warrior Hotel, Autograph Collection was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Welcome to The Warrior Hotel, Autograph Collection! Recipient of the sought after AAA 4-Diamond rating and its right here in Downtown Sioux City! 525 6th Street 866-691-2898

Sioux City, IA: Woodbury County

Having good times in Downton Sioux City is something I’ve managed to make happen in the past and it was time to do it again! Six years went by since the last time I wandered into Western Iowa’s largest city and it turned out to be a very eventful stay in one of Iowa’s most beautiful and historic hotels. If you’re in search of opulence with absolute comfort, oodles of restaurants, and entertainment just step away from your hotel then get that getaway planned for Sioux City!

Front entrance from 6th Street and the heart of Downtown-Sioux City. The greatness of a The Warrior goes on instant display no matter what doorway you enter in this hotel.
Okay, Warrior. Let’s have a Prince themed soirée some night at this unbelievable bar next to the lobby.
Want a cozy spot to take break at and enjoy it with a special someone you know from the party you’re attending? The Warrior has plenty of ways to get comfy and relaxed all over the whole hotel on multiple levels.
It’s an upscale theme everywhere you look when you’re walking around and admiring The Warrior. I think this is where I’d catch-up with Frank, Sammy, Dean, Peter, and Joey back in the day.
They don’t miss a beat here. The Warrior makes sure to keep the autograph collection vibes going in many ways and that includes your experience at the front desk. The staff was more than welcoming at The Warrior.
Need a trim and some professional care on that melon of yours? Set your appointment for a new look when you make your reservations and show off your hairdo during that Sioux City night out!
The pampering doesn’t end with the stylists. Click here and see all of what Two Finches Spa has to offer during your Siouxland getaway.
Banquet, meeting, reunion, reception, party….classy thumb wrestling tourney? The Warrior has the facilities to make all of that happen!
That goes for the smaller gatherings as well when it comes to this Sioux City icon. That small board meeting you’re planning should have a very interesting and comfortable ambiance for your presentation.

That’s a lot to take in when it comes to this historic hotel. There’s so many ways to cut loose, get babied, enjoy a memorable event, and just enjoy yourself in unique ways that only The Warrior can pull off. And we haven’t even gotten to all the other ways you can make this hotel your ideal destination as a guest or as a local!

This inviting pool has way too few ripples in it. Show off your classic cannonball form at The Warrior!
Did you partake in hours of dancing during that reception upstairs? Soak those lively muscles in this VERY relaxing hot tub.
I love it when a hotel has something to offer to the valued guests and valued locals at the same time. War Eagle Lanes has the state of the art bowling experience paired with a full bar to keep that Lebowski lover inside you fully engaged when you’re visiting Woodbury County.

Wow! That was quite the tour! However, we checked into The Warrior for another very important reason. We needed glorious beds in a fantastic room with plenty of ways to keep us wondering what else we’ll discover. That all turned out to be a major specialty of The Warrior!

Well, good afternoon to you! The Warrior is in the Marriott family which means you can rack up more of your points when you stay here. I think you better get online and see the exciting shows and entertainment that’s offered in this metro area and get rewarded by this beautiful hotel while you’re in town!
Nope. I love you, Sioux City, but nope! I’m not waking up early. I’m getting a late start to the day because this king sized bed told me to stay put for a little longer.
Step in and find yourself in a luxurious happy place. This shower has a gambit of water pressure settings with multiple faucets. See what I mean about being pleasantly late for your day when you get a room or suite at The Warrior!
Your favorite morning show or sportscast can be enjoyed in the bathroom while you brush you teeth. I personally like to check in on the weather while I shave at the same time in my mirror. I now know that thanks to a trip to Downtown Sioux City and The Warrior!

A bowling alley just a few floors down from my beautiful room in Downtown Sioux City. That would capture my attention on any given day. Then add a 4-Diamond classification to that and you have my undivided captivation. I showed up to Sioux City with the memories of this downtown district I already had. I left The Warrior with an unreal amount of many more and the majority of the new memories collected were from this autograph collection. Btw….Elvis stayed here back in the day! Could your room be where the the King stayed? Thank you to everyone at The Warrior, and we’ll see you again in your beautiful settings!

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