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Ada J’s Steakhouse in Ute, Iowa (Monona County): The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*Seeing the Loess Hills is one thing. Then there’s getting a taste of this beautiful region during your adventures in this incredible geographic wonder of Western Iowa. Our meal at Ada J’s Steakhouse was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Just off of the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway is this small town steakhouse that’s getting more folks to Ute and the scenic views surrounding it. 103 West Main Street.

Ute, Iowa: Monona County

There’s always a checklist one has when you’re on a self guided expedition of the Loess Hills. Plenty of picture taking, spectacular overlooks, and hikes on the trails are towards the top of the list for many. Shopping, artwork, and escaping into the Iowa wilderness is up there for many of us too. But there’s another amazing reason to make that Loess Hills getaway happen. Head for the hills for great food! Yup, this Western Iowa region is peppered with delicious restaurants and Ada J’s Steakhouse is one of the best you’re going to find on any of Iowa’s scenic byways!

First course coming up and its Ada J’s homemade onion rings! Gigi said they were the best she’s ever had and I would take that very seriously. This girl knows her onion rings!
Look at those fresh and crisp veggies on this side salad! They didn’t skimp on any of the portions at Ada J’s.

We showed up in the middle of Western Iowa’s T-Bone Trail after a long and eventful day exploring Monona County. A huge steak supper was what we knew we’d get, at Ada J’s, but there was much more than a juicy Ribeye that would highlight our evening in Ute. Home cookin’ is what it felt like with every course….

Thick-cut Iowa beef at its most mouthwatering. A house made garlic butter drizzled over the top of my Ribeye with Texas toast and some of the greatest hash browns in Iowa to accompany the main course.
Let’s get another angle of this heavy plate full of masterpieces. Ada J’s is known for their loaded hash browns and folks make room on their schedules just for this side dish of bliss.
Cheeeeeeeeeesy! Chopped bacon and and grilled veggies in every bite when you order your hash browns loaded at Ada J’s Steakhouse!
My beefy Ribeye charbroiled just the way I like it!
Homemade Jell-O poke cake to make the meal complete at Ada J’s!

Unforgettable views, one of a kind terrain, and a Ribeye meal in the town of Ute that will keep you thinking and talking about the Loess Hills for years to come. The fresh ingredients, homemade care, and professional preparation from a steakhouse crew that lives to make their customers happy. That’s Ada J’s and it’s one of the tastiest reasons we’ll head back to Monona County. Click on the video below and see what this supper looked like in person!

Bring that steak supper on! Thanks again to this wonderful slice of Ute, Iowa!
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