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Your Kansas I-70 Trip Has an HQ: Holiday Inn Express & Suites-Abilene

*The I-70 corridor has some great stops and you’ll want to get a little break in between them. Our stay at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites-Abilene was complimentary. Our views expressed are always of our own. Let’s gallivant!

Just off the I-70 exit and glowing like rural Kansas oasis. This Holiday Inn Express is just steps, feet, and blocks from everything in Abilene! 110 East Lafayette Ave 785-263-4049

Abilene, KS: Dickinson County

There are many great ways to see the Sunflower State and there’s no doubt that you’re going to want to spend at least a couple days in one of America’s best small towns. The food, museums, history, and charm are all better enjoyed when you have a relaxing place to stay. That’s where the hometown Holiday Inn Express & Suites comes in nicely and you’re going to love how you don’t need to always have the big city to see a world of remarkable people and places. And you don’t have to go far from your room to see it all.

Step One: Check-In

The inviting lobby touch is always the best touch when checking in.
A friendly front desk staff was awaiting our arrival and kept those smiles during our whole stay!

We arrived just before sundown and ready to take on Abilene. Like the great hotel they are, they made us say, “What’s the rush!” We unloaded our luggage and and dove into our room for a little respite during the road trip.

I think what’s missing a mediator for this debate. Not it!
They don’t drink coffee, but they know Dad does and he’s going to be very happy to get this revved up!

Step Two: Go Bowling

Gigi getting her game face on. It’s best not to mention gutter balls around her.
Ruby slippers can turn into magical bowling shoes here in Kansas. Just give it a shot!

Just down the hill from your comfy room at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites is Tornado Alley and they have the old school family bowling experience set up for you. You want fun and affordable entertainment just around the corner, then you got it!

Step Three: Eat Fried Chicken, Then Swim


This plate is just steps from every entrance at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites.
You’ll see it when you arrive and there’s always going to be enough fried chicken to go around for the whole group!

“Where are we eating for dinner tonight?” That’s one of the most asked questions when we pull up to our hotel after a long trip. You’ll see the historic Brookville Hotel right when you see the Holiday Inn Express & Suites and there’s nothing better than taking a short walk to your dinner destination.

Wait an hour after eating like your mom always told you!

Don’t forget your swimsuits! We love traveling in the cooler months just because of the hotel pool. A dip in the pool could be all the family needs this autumn. A weekend stay here in Abilene’s Holiday Inn Express & Suites will supply the relaxation you need. Let the fantastic staff take care of the beds and straightening up for a few days and start the family cannonball tournament you’ve always been talking about.

Step Four: Eat Breakfast & Visit Ike

The early morning fuel you need to get those family adventures boosted. Complimentary at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites! 
These are officially the legendary part of your morning when you visit these great hotels!

We love visiting new restaurants, but the complimentary breakfasts from the Holiday Inn Express & Suites are hard to pass up. Always with plenty of selections and served nice and hot. And just try to get me to pass up on rich sausage gravy with flaky biscuits calling out for me. They’re just so cute!

One of the greatest presidents has one of the greatest museums of its kind here in Abilene.

There’s plenty to do in Abilene and if there is only one stop you can make you better make it the Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum. Just a short drive from the Holiday Inn Express & Suites and it will show you the unbelievable life of this humbled Kansas local that we know as Ike.

There’s a lot more to see here in Abilene so get your reservation booked! Comfortable beds, friendly staff, an inviting pool, hot breakfast, flat screen TVs, and beautiful town is all waiting for you and the family.

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