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The Unofficial Mashed Taters Capital of Kansas: Abilene’s Amazing Comfort Food & More!

The moment you’re just minding your own beeswax and some Abilene kid sneaks into your bag of BBQ flavored pork rinds. Was this the Big Friendly Giant Roald Dahl was talking about?

Abilene, KS: Dickinson County

America’s heartland is a vast region that’s peppered with some of the country’s most amazing small towns. I can tell you with all honestly that Abilene, Kansas is one of the best and you don’t have to take my word for it. The Smithsonian rated Abilene as the best small town to visit and something tells me they know what they’re talking about. I think the best idea is to get the keys in the car and head down the road for Abilene and start eating!

*We had the pleasure of being hosted by the Abilene CVB during this gallivant to Kansas. Some of our meals were compensated/complimentary and the views expressed are of our own. Let’s see what this town is cooking up!

Meat & Potatoes-Kansas!

You had me at old fashion, Joe! Just a burger flip from the central business district! 209 West 1st Street
This is Midwest-America on a plate. A saucy Sloppy Joe with a side of a creamy pasta salad. This meal can trigger hundreds of fond memories while creating another great one here at Snuffy’s
The Witch Doctor is in! This sandwich is layered with melted cheese, ham, turkey, and bacon, and all on toasted bread.
Made from scratch mashed potatoes alert! Served with peppery country gravy and piping hot.
That smile was produced by a batch of great mashed taters!

Joe Snuffy’s Old Fashion Grill serves up the classics with a hard working kitchen that has the recipes that make you crave Kansas home cooking, weeks after your visit. The mayo based salad is a Midwest icon and Snuffy’s has a great one. Pair it up when they have their Sloppy Joe on special to get a perfect Kansas flavor combo. And don’t be afraid of the Witch Doctor. The creamy Italian dressing brings it all home with the crispy bacon, sliced turkey, and ham. If you love club sandwiches then you’ll love this Abilene twist on it here at Snuffy’s.

Just show me where the small town spots bar is and I’ll feel right at home every time. M&R Grill is just off the I-70 exit on Buckeye, and they have the giant portions you’re wanting!
The Kansas folks know pulled pork and Abilene’s M&R Grill has this covered. Covered with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce!
The large cut of chicken fried steak is one of the best you’ll EVER have. See those homemade mashed potatoes over there?
Let’s get back to that chicken fried steak. breaded, fried and still juicy on the inside!

Comfort food is the best when you’re rolling in from a long road trip. We like to dabble when it comes to all the flavors of the universe but there is something about everything topped with gravy when you’re tackling the interstate. Kansas is big-beef country and the M&R Grill has a classic cut waiting for you to give it a good home. Their chicken fried steak is truly one of the best in America, and we’ve come across a lot of them. Get a fork full of those made from scratch mashers with every bite!


A legendary Kansas restaurant that’s a must-experience while you visit Abilene. Brookville Hotel is another fantastic establishment right off the I-70 exit.
Something sweet, spiced, and pickled to start off the meal.
If you’re in the mood for delicious fried chicken then you don’t need to go any further than Abilene.
You knew a bowl of these were on the way. Can anyone have a fried chicken dinner without mashed potatoes?
Cream corn and homemade biscuits. Keep these sides coming!
Family style dining gives you the chance to build your plate however you want.
Do not turn down the jam at the Brookville Hotel, whether you’re putting it on your biscuits for dinner or vanilla ice cream for dessert!
Yet another smile thanks to Abilene, Kansas and a big helping of beautiful drumsticks.

Brookville Hotel has quite the history in Abilene. In business for almost 150 years and they do one thing here and do an amazing job with it. No menu needed because you just sit down and wait for the food. The fried chicken dinner is best served family style and it’s a concept we always enjoy on The Iowa Gallivant. A beautiful historic feel as you dine with service that knows how to welcome hungry guests. Their chicken dinners have been pulling people in for many-many years, and they plan on going another 150 trips around the sun. The hot bowls of sides are passed around to one plate to the next and the Brookville is happy to replenish them when they get low, and they will because they are all the comfort you were waiting for paired up with your fried chicken. Ask the owner for a little trivia on the Brookville Hotel and he just might give you a little inside scoop on this Abilene institution.

Coffee & Dessert Break!

Whether you’re spending the weekend in Abilene or needing a quick coffee break while traveling, Sips Espresso Bar will make it happen for you!
Whip cream for breakfast is very much allowed here at Sips. How would I say no to that?

We pride ourselves with going off the beaten path and finding extraordinary locations. Sometimes we overlook what’s ON the beat path, but not in Abilene. We highly suggest that you spend multiple days in one of America’s best small towns and experience as much as we did and more. However, if you’re on the way somewhere else make sure you stop-in at Sips Espresso Bar and get yourself fueled up. Another great Abilene business in view from I-70 and they know how to make a cup-a-joe with the best of them.

Right next a major historical district is the Hitching Post and our stop for a sweet tooth craving.
Chocolate o’clock! Why wait until a birthday party when you can have cake and ice cream whenever you want at the Hitching Post!
The caramel covered extravaganza in Old Abilene.

Three very well known points of interest converge in this area. Let’s make it four with the Hitching Post corralling customers into their dining room. We had a sweet tooth going off and this was the place to satisfy it. Right by the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, Greyhound Hall of Fame Museum, and Old Abilene Town is this well known restaurant that’s a very short walk from some Abilene’s best treasures.

The chocolate loving travels didn’t stop with the cake above. Russell Stover has facility on the Abilene outskirts and you need to make this pit stop. Located on Caramel Ave. That’s a nice touch.
Those apples aren’t going to be enjoyed unless you make the Russell Stover stop happen!
Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Why make hard choices when you can take a pull from each flavor!
Playing air guitar with a huge box of chocolates may not be on everyone’s bucket list but for Leah it was checked off here in Abilene.
IMG-6793 (1)
Buy their world famous chocolates in the box or bulk!
This is the most common reaction that the folks at Russell Stover see on a daily basis.
My kids still like a good game of peekaboo. Especially when you’re holding up a big box of Millionaires.

What brings a tear to your eye? An inspirational movie? The Christmas commercials that you say you won’t let get to you this year but always does? New puppy in a box? How about walking into the Russell Stover candy shop with your jaw dropping and the cashier immediately asking if you’d like a free sample. Get all your gifts, cravings, snacks, and all around candied dreams accomplished before you leave Abilene!

Stay tuned as we show you more of the amazing small town of Abilene. There’s much more to come!

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