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Finding Madison County’s Bare Bison Off the Beaten Path

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The rural roads of Iowa produce some very typical scenes when you’re traveling. That is until you get to the outskirts of Van Meter where you find a ranch that has a VERY BIG personality of its own. The bridges can wait. Find the bison! 1374 Badger creek Road-Van Meter

Van Meter, IA: Madison County

If you’re from Iowa and you haven’t made the road trip to beautiful Madison County then make this weekend the time you finally do it. Many of you may know what I’m talking about because it’s the annual Madison County Covered Bridge Festival and you’re going to be in for one of the most scenic autumn drives in the Midwest. Winterset and its surrounding communities will be buzzing with tourists and I’m here to tell you that there is even more to enjoy when you get out on the gravel roads. Get those jerky loving cravings primed, bring a cooler for steaks, burger meat, and sausage because Bare Bison is well worth the detour!

*Hold up there partner! Remember that livestock of any kind are dangerous no matter how domesticated it might be. We had the pleasure to be shown the pastures of Bare Bison by an official guide where they were coming into feed on some tasty treats. Never approach without supervision and permission. Let’s gallivant!

As you can see I was a little nervous and called them buffalo but I can assure you that they are bison and there is a difference. I get a little hiccupy with my lines when I have thousands of pounds of some of the best raised bison in Iowa coming in for a snack. Who would have thought that alfalfa could bring in such a crowd. I’ve been using beer all theses years. Told you I was an amateur at this.

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Bare Bison is very proud of the quality and nutrition of their meat and they have all the info you need ready to go.
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Plenty of meaty snacks for the rest of your tour in Madison County. You know someone that will travel miles and miles just to get a new meat stick or a chunk of premium jerky.
Processed in nearby Milo is your next freezer fill-up and many meals to come for your family.

We have found some of the most amazing places when we get off the blacktops and start seeing the dust kick-up from our rear tires. We’ve even found delicious destinations and you can add Bare Bison to that list as well. You may have a carload joining the Madison County expedition, but please save room to pack as much of this bison meat in your cooler to showoff a tasty memento of the area on the comfort of your own grill, stove top, oven, saute pans and roasters!

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Those wild and open skies have plenty of room for more of you near Van Meter.
Look! Bison! Sounds different from saying cow and you’re going to love it.
In this culture it’s customary to grunt while you eat.
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The Iowa pastures and timber seem to have more of a panache when there’s a herd of Bison to be seen.

The folks at Bare Bison gave us an amazing tour of their land and showed us how passionate they are. Farming and ranching is never an easy task no matter what you’re raising and it takes countless hours of hard work to make it happen. There’s so much of this beautiful region to see in so many corners. Make the the most of Madison County and go visit the herd!

Collect the whole set! Get some early Christmas shopping done for Pete’s sake! Or Bison-up that tailgater too.


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