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Nonstop Family Adventures in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, Alabama

And you thought your vacation would be free of homework. This is just the project you’ll want to stretch out as long as possible!

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, AL: Baldwin County

Family adventures are the specialty here on Alabama’s Gulf Coast and we have firsthand experience with this culture on the white-sands beaches. Our previous posts have highlighted many ways you can enjoy the salt life, but numero uno for us was when we had those moments with the kids. Here are some of the best memories Team Goodvin has ever had and we have Gulf Shores & Orange Beach to thank for all of them!

Sound the dolphin alarm! I’m checking with my R&D department and I’m being told that there are no such alarms in the area. Super neat-o if there was.

Mamma-Daughter Day on the Water

*We had the great pleasure to be hosted by the awesome folks at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism. Some of our admission fees and our bungalow with Lucky Bird Vacations were compensated/complimentary. The views expressed are always of our own. Let’s gallivant, Bama!

Make the call! Glen and the crew is ready to show you a part of the Gulf Coast that is best seen in one of their kayaks!

Coastal Kayak Excursions had a couple spots open for a trip around some of the most beautiful natural wonders of Alabama. Glen helped run the show and he did not disappoint when it came to showcasing the scenery, and all the imagination that comes with it while floating along on the calm waters he leads you to.

Glen is the captain of this vessel and he makes sure to prep his guests with what to expect on the journey and how the trip operates to give you one of the best days on a kayak ever.
This smile was produced by just the quick pontoon ride. Imagine what Coastal Kayak Excursions can do when the dolphins show up!
Work those muscles, Leah! Always nearby in his own kayak is Glen making sure you have the training to maneuver your way through your afternoon.
The power of siblings kayaking together in Alabama will make any mama and papa proud.
I wasn’t kidding about those smiles that somehow pop-up whenever you find yourself on the perfect waters of the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.


Dolphins making an appearance, getting to see the coastal vegetation up close, plenty of sunshine, the constant feeling of discovery, and all thanks to the unique way Coastal Kayak Excursions shows it to you. Leah’s genuine excitement never faded and she loves talking about the afternoon spent with here mom. The sibling group that joined in was another fantastic part of the day as both parties laid their eyes on an amazing Alabama excursion with Glen’s positive energy guiding everyone the whole time.

Sail Wild Hearts has the sunset coming right up! You calling in your reservations yet?

Kayak by day and sail by night! Gigi gets the one-on-one mommy treatment next and this time it is for a sunset sail that comes in style with Sail Wild Hearts!

There is nothing better than seeing this looking back at you. Have fun, ladies!
Docked and ready for anyone who loves an evening sailing around the Bama coast.
IMG-8087 (1)
Sit on the deck or stretch out on the net and watch the sea from the front of the boat.
And don’t forget to have cuddles while you’re watching the gulf go by.
There’s plenty of opportunities to make an evening of constant memories. I think sailboats have a natural effect to make these grins even bigger.
Sail Wild Hearts makes sure you have plenty of refreshments for your tour of the coast.
You will not go hungry!
We love our neighborhood back in Iowa City, but we’re not getting a sunset view from a pier like this.

The weather was perfect and winds were on our sides in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. Sail Wild Hearts is another group of folks on the long list of hospitable businesses that loves to see you enjoy Bama. We have fun times in Iowa but we don’t have an opportunity to get out on the water like this everyday. We can honestly say that our kids had the experiences of a lifetime bobbing up and down on the Gulf Coast.

White-Sand Beaches Sunrise & Beyond

Do your best to see as many sunrises as possible while on vacation here.
One of the best times to find your moments of zen in Gulf Shores.
Never been happier to be up at the crack of dawn.
It’s their territory, too, and they would appreciate a heads up when any feathered visitors drop by to see the sun come up.

You know you’re in a special place when your kids are willing to get out of bed just before the light comes peaking in through the curtains. One of America’s best ways to see the day start is right here in Alabama on the white-sand beaches. Let’s spend the afternoon on them, too!

5671511B-0859-4F8D-BB06-665AB013AED6 (1)
Let’s have these pics speak for themselves. Make the beaches your family-HQ in Alabama!
IMG-7833 (1)
You know there’s going to be plenty of shells coming home!
IMG-7827 (1)
Interesting how the goggles needed to be molded on the sand but not on the water above. You do you, Gigi!

Follow your footprints back to the beach everyday and often while you’re here. Plenty of room, fantastic water, and the sun soaking you came for. We didn’t realize how much we needed the sand in our toes and salt of the sea splashing around until we arrived. Plenty of places to see and do, but the white-sands will always be what got you here. The best part was how this stretch of beach was a few minutes of walking time from our amazing bungalow at East Point Cottages!

Shop Until You Drop & Do It Again

Alvin’s Island is one of the souvenir must-see destinations in Gulf Shores. Be prepared to stay awhile!
They do have shopping carts at Alvin’s, ladies!
When your kids want to see the inside of a shark there’s only one place to go. Souvenir City!
Grab a gift, get a pic! A little sea life theme to jazz up your shopping experience!
Sharks love their bellies getting scratched. Just look at that reactions lil’jaws. That’s his hip-hop name I gave him.
They know how to get your attention here in Gulf Shores!

Is this dad the best shopper in the world? NOPE! Gulf Shores has shown me the light and I wish there was more photo-ops like these when I needed to walk the aisles. I would be the first one in the car if these shark friends would welcome us when we need to get school supplies and new church clothes.

The moment we had to say goodbye to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

There have been plenty of entertaining and emotional family trips we’ve taken during our travels on The Iowa Gallivant. Alabama ranks up there as one of the best. From the moment the beautiful coastline came into view we knew there was going to be a lot of great times coming. The community down here outdid themselves and proved to us that they could produce more memories than we expected. I’m sorry to say that this our last post and…….HOLD UP!!!!!!!!! We haven’t really talked about how amazing Lucky Bird Vacations is and how we much we loved the Barefoot Bungalow! Stay tuned, Gallivant Nations because we’re not done yet!

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Hey, Charlie! What would you say to another trip to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach? The Track record of awesome family adventures is a great one here in Bama!

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