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Scouting RAGBRAI-2019: Part 2 of 2 in Fairfield for Breakfast, Ethiopian, BBQ, Italian, Turkish, Sushi…

Your honor, I’d like to move for a recess in late July. The council may have made more important plans….Cuz RAGBRAI that’s why.

Fairfield, IA: Jefferson County

Stop what your doing right now and click on Part One of this series and see what the first round of Fairfield was all about. We’ll wait………….and welcome back! If you’re hungry from seeing all that food we’ve done our job. And that’s because all the incredible folks in Fairfield did an amazing job of showing just how this town shines day after day. This is how to Gallivant a premiere Midwest food haven.


The meal with the most precious fuel pumping carbs is the most important meal of the day. Which is why the bakers at Bountiful Bakery get up every morning to make these buttery, flaky, sweet, savory, eggy, and frosted creations. If you need a boost before you leave town, or when you’re getting in, then stop by this house of culinary talent.

Yes, this is a great dish for vegetarians and vegans but Addis Ethiopian Cuisine knows that anyone with an appetite and love for beautiful food will enjoy their cooking. The authentic bread is worth the stop in overnight six on its own and you should just watch the video and get your own plate of some of the best of Africa by clicking HERE! Split peas, spinach, and tender cabbage cooked just right. If you love samosas, you’ll drool over what these Ethiopian chefs are creating here in Fairfield. You can have a Lentil samosa or a Pineapple & Cream Cheese Samosa. Or combo those up and get both!

Addis is located in the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center and you can motor through this home cooked meal in plenty of air conditioning, and of public art displayed everywhere. You could use a beverage with this by the way.


Andy’s Juice Joint has the fresh fruit, veggies, herbs and very fast moving blender to get your RAGBRAI energy up and running. This convention center could be all you need for your meal, much needed vitamins, culture, relaxation and all under one roof. Just check out that yummy-yummy below!

Are you hungry for pasta yet? We are and Fairfield will have just the place you’ll want to experience for that carb-craving still hummin’!

Ila is a true Iowa treasure and their kitchen is producing some stunning dishes everyday. Southern style crab cakes hit the table with an herby and creamy sauce ready to coat each bite. It’s superhero sidekick was the  large bowl know as Piedmont Portobello Pasta. Fettuccine with grilled leeks, caramelized red onion, goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and sauteed chicken that twirled around our forks with ease.

Are you sensing something? We’re in our like fourth continent of cuisine and like wow dude! Istanbul Grill has….Let’s just say this clearly….The best falafel I’ve ever had in my life. There, I said it and I mean it. This Turkish restaurant is just a little off of the town square and how many times in your life will you eat in an old telephone company building. Make it happen!

Yes, you can carb-up via your sweet tooth at Amore Mio Restorante Italiano and why wouldn’t you my friends. They’re positioned on the town square and ready to pour olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a little dish for your bread as you mull over the menu.  The desserts here shouldn’t be passed up. Tiramisu, cannolis, and more to get that sugar rush going with your evening just getting started.


Fairfield is known for having oodles of experts around when it comes to the world of oils, teas, herbs and all around clean living. Health & Wholeness can get all your dietary and herbal needs filled while you’re in town and get anyone prepped for the last two days of the ride. They have a team devoted to matching just what you need for every body type. If you’ve been on the party circuit, during the ride, then I’m sure there will be something that could come in quite useful here.

Like supporting locals? Of course you do! Everybody does and that’s why we have Everybody’s Whole Foods! Organics, wines, fantastic baristas, more amazing Fairfield food coming from their cafe and some specialty ways to keep you supplied up. And repeat after me… I will not leave Fairfield without a Cookies From the Heart treat! Like I said, this place knows how root for the home team and so do RAGBRAI’ers. The staff here was very helpful and exuded kindness in every department. A theme you’ll see all throughout Fairfield.


The Cider House 1949 sits atop of a hill as if it’s looking over an apple kingdom of craft cider. The Fishback & Stephenson will be flowing for the barrage of riders descending on Jefferson County and you’ll want to get a cold and crisp glass of their delicious ciders. We know its going to be hot in July and why not combat the heat with a stop at one of the best ciderys in Iowa.

Just when you think you found all the niche in this town, you get another memorable round of it at the The Bookhouse. You can have exotic teas and exotic cocktails here and it’s where locals go to see live music to wind down the Fairfield day. The Bookhouse has an easy going atmosphere that matches well with an easy going community and fun lovin’ RAGBRAI’ers will feel the relaxation settle in from the moment you walk in. Feeling aggressive? I recommend a friendly game of Rock’em Sock’em Robots.


*Our stay at the AmericInn of Fairfield was complimentary and the views expressed in this post are of our own. Let’s get back to Gallivanting!

Something tells me that people who bike hundreds of miles appreciate hot coffee, complimentary hot breakfast, hot showers, and a hot tub. How about a cool air conditioned room, very nice beds that make you not want to leave and a hotel crew that has you feeling like a longtime Fairfield regular? The AmericInn has that all covered and this property helped make our Gallivant a great one. Guess which celebrity we bumped into at the bar near the lobby!

We know RAGBRAI enthusiasts like a shot of pickle juice from time to time. How about knocking back some local kraut juice!

Yes, my new Fairfield friend is famous because he helps produce one of my all time favorite methods of eating my veggies. The Bubbling Brine Brothers make some of the greatest sauerkraut on the planet and you may want to find a jar for yourself. This won’t be the last you hear from us when it comes to the greatness in these glass jars, because we’re adding it to some interesting and very tasty sausages we picked up and getting it on Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing the State for the Best Sausage. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it and that’s okay. A Gallivant match made in Fairfield.

We loved every minute, moment, memory and mouthful. What a unique community of beautiful citizens in a beautiful town. Thank you, Fairfield!
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Another giant thank you to Terry Baker of the Fairfield Visitors Bureau for making our first ever two part RAGBRAI scouting trip a huge success. We’ll see you again and again and again…

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