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The Kingsley Inn is Back & So Are We

*For the third time in The Iowa Gallivant’s travels, we have the honor of having the Kingsley Guest House as our lodging partner. Our stay here was complimentary and the views expressed are of our own. Now, let’s gallivant this place!

One of the oldest and most historic towns west of the Mississippi is home to a district that has one of our favorite hotels we’ve ever been to. Now under new ownership and management and looking more memorable than ever. The Kingsley of Fort Madison embraces the Mississippi culture and history that it’s a part of in an absolutely beautiful way. 707 Avenue H 319-372-2144

Fort Madison, IA: Lee County

The great river will always draw us to its ancient banks. For as long as I’m alive I will continue to travel what we call The Mudbelt on The Iowa Gallivant and I will always hold its history and culture close to my travel blogging heart. We’ve had some great times on Iowa’s eastern border and many of those moments right in Fort Madison. We can’t tell you how excited we are to see this historic hotel open again and showing us and other guests just how they plan on keeping it going in this classic railroad town. Here is the Kingsley Inn.

Chi is the manager and she brought back Ms Bonnie, who’s a trusted sidekick, to help get the Kingsley humming and ready for guests who want to relax their day and night away in the Victorian era decor. The lobby instantly makes you feel like you’re in the late 1800’s and makes you curious to see what your room has in store for your stay.

And this is just what was waiting for us. The Kingsley crew does an incredible job of  keeping your room clean, kept, and comfortably appealing the entire time you’re in Fort Madison. They have a unique way of keeping the historic integrity it’s know for, while giving you the modern amenities you want. And look at all the natural sunlight that finds its way in as you overlook the river from this room.

The view of the Fort and Mississippi River from our room at the Kingsley Inn. That is just what we want to see every morning and night when in Fort Madison.


Each room is decorated differently and just as inviting as the next. The Kingsley Inn prides itself on how they can keep your interests up with every return. The true mark of a great stay is the feeling that you don’t need to leave to have a memorable and “just what you needed” trip. With a restaurant downstairs and these rooms upstairs, you may just stay in when you visit and no one will blame you.

The Kingsley Guest House is the headliner here and if you’re looking for a jaw-dropping venue for a reception, party or even a small wedding, then look into this amazing keystone of this property. The pictures speak for themselves and you can enjoy the fireplace, full kitchen, dining area and spacious square footage along with the lavish decor in the bedroom.

Billiards and breakfast. What a combo! These parlors join together on the second floor and provide an area to mingle with other guests or come together with your friends and family visiting the Kingsley.

There is no way we’re not mentioning the MVP of our trip to Fort Madison. Choo-Choo is the undisputed and permanent employee of the month at the Kingsley Inn and you will fall in love with him too. A quiet little rescue that only wants to make sure you feel welcomed. Also available for snuggles, walking partner and Downtown Fort Madison tour guide. Works for belly scratches and loved being escorted in my bibs. So, don’t forget to pack yours!

Thank you to Chi Eastin and the whole Kingsley Inn family for hosting us. We have a special connection to this hotel and we look forward to coming back for years to come. Your enthusiasm towards this historic hotel and Southeast Iowa as a whole is an incredible asset to the entire Fort Madison community. Have an amazing 2019 and beyond!

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