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Oddities in Iowa: Roadside Wonders & Museum Marvels

*We brake for just about anything, as the Official On the Road Ambassadors for Linder Tire Service, especially when it comes to roadside Americana and the oddities that make any road trip a memorable one.

Can you believe it! Spring is peeking through and we have a stretch without snow and a lot of sunshine. You’re going to be planning some great trips and you’ll be combing through the internet, travel brochures and stopping at some well known places and events. The Iowa Gallivant is here to tell you to not sleep on the crazy things you might not be on page one of your agenda, because these special stops could possibly be your favorite moments during your travels.

Hey, look! A Cow!

We love our cows here in Iowa, and many towns have chosen to honor these gifts to steakhouses, leather jackets and convenience store jerky. We’ve experienced these pieces of work in Denison, Audubon, Waukon, Ackley, Riverside, Decorah and Davenport.

Audubon County: Weird and Wonderful

The Nathaniel Hamlin museum is on the outskirts of Audubon and they have amazing pieces of Western Iowa history. This includes a jar preserving a two headed pig! This area is also home to Iowa’s two most famous trees. An oak that has been slowly devouring a plow since the Civil War near Exira and a giant Cottonwood tree that grew from a forgotten walking stick in the 1800’s near Brayton. Now it’s one of the most beautiful unofficial roundabouts in America.

Skol! Scandinavia in Iowa 

The Danish Villages are another Western Iowa gem and you will be a Vikings fan no matter what when you’re in Elk Horn, Iowa. The HUGE Danish windmill brings in thousands of tourists every year, and as you can see, the gift shop delivers those pretty locks you’ve always wanted.

I was born for this moment.

Parnell Put’s What in the Brats?

Cooks Meat Locker in the little Iowa County town of Parnell is known for their incredible selection of sausages, cured meats and deer processing. What really keep people talking is their gummy bear stuffed bratwurst. Don’t jump to conclusions, because this is one of their top sellers!

This is the ultimate when it comes to sweet and savory.

A Restaurant From Kansas?

It’s the old story you hear all the time. You’re traveling and eat a place you love so much that you decide to just take it back to Iowa with you. Decatur City is a cheeseburger flip from the Missouri border and it has a classic 50s era diner that once had a Kansas address. This place is now in the Hawkeye State and known as one of the best greasy spoons in Iowa.

And the town the Dinky is in ain’t much bigger.

Iowa’s Only Mule Cemetery

The likelihood of anybody surviving the Civil War was very low. This went double for equine during this terrible time. However, two mules miraculously made it through and became instant celebrities in Oskaloosa. They were both given a proper burial and a salute from the Union Army they served many years after they came home.

Some heroes have four legs and attract flies. You’ll find this little cemetery at the Mahaska County Museum.

The Giant Hoax in Fort Dodge

Yes, people thought folks found the corpse of a dead giant and paid to go see it many-many years ago. I’ve spent money on sillier things. You can see the replica of the giant that made national headlines at the Fort Dodge Fort Museum & Frontier Village.

The Pocahontas of Pocahontas

Northwest Iowa has plenty of opportunities to get a pic by Roadside-USA and Pocahontas has one of the most legendary attractions on the great American open road. This little town has been honoring one of the greatest women in our history for decades and it’s seen countless travelers get a photo with her.

Roadside attraction 101: Make it big, colorful, fun and visible for blocks if not miles.

Sac City is Really Corny

World records will always be on our radar which is why there was no way we weren’t stopping at Sac City’s popcorn ball on a Historic US Route 20 road trip. This town loves their agricultural history and industry and this behemoth represents it all.

We all need goals and this town wasn’t going to be denied.

Duck! In Mallard

Duck, duck, duck….Iowa!

Mallard, Iowa may have one of the greatest welcome signs in the state. Once a float in the town’s annual parade and now a car stopper for dorky travelers like us. These landmarks are irresistible when it comes to our Gallivants and we wouldn’t dream of missing out on going a few miles out of the way to see a town of “Friendly Ducks.”


unnamed (25)
You just found one of the best ways to see an Iowa sunset.

Near the little town of Leland (Winnebago County) is one of the state’s most interesting ways to honor the greatness of a local century farm. Sure, you can have the standard roadside sign. Or you can build a giant watering can and have a beautiful sunset highlight it every day.

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